Break the curse of the three or four tier cities in the second tier cities housing prices compete fo remonstrate

From the three or four line of the city housing sales spell a second city battle strategy and value judgment, is an important part of the housing enterprises in the industrial chain, thus extend the investment to take place, development, product sales, cash withdrawal, property management, until the new one to take, to complete the closed loop. In recent years Chinese high-speed development of the real estate market, the city increased differentiation, a second tier city real estate dual core large some gains, and the three or four line of the city to the public. Core value of the city’s housing prices around the strategic layout, so that the latter’s investment value convergence, return to a second line, away from the three or four line of the city has become a common choice for all brands of housing prices. Especially in 2016 this situation, housing prices tend to significantly. Housing prices in Shenzhen, risking heavily loaded with higher prices than their city land, housing prices have also publicly announced that land development completely withdraw from the three or four line of the city. Three or four line city sales curse in the first half of 2016, net domestic credit easing, real estate sales overall good. National Bureau of statistics data show that this year, 1-6 months, the national commercial housing sales area, the amount was 570 million square meters and $4 trillion and 200 billion, an increase of 28.6% and 44.4%, respectively. Since the second half of 2014, domestic large and medium cities commodity residential sales rebounded for 20 months, the overall turnover has also continued to rise for the past 15 months. Vanke (000002.SZ) is the study of the real estate market has the most experienced housing prices. In the long-term observation of the Guangzhou Shenzhen Dongguan Buddha 14 a second ring and first-tier cities, 1-6 month commercial housing sales area increased by 45% year-on-year, while the new premises approved pre-sale area increased by only 9.2%. To the end of June, the city’s inventory of new homes fell to 110 million square meters (140 million square meters by the end of 2015), to the period of 8.4 months from the end of 2015 shortened to 6.6 months. But at the same time, after the supply of land, population growth is slow or even negative growth in the three or four tier cities, inventory pressure is still large, the situation has not fundamentally improved. Prices are more intuitive factors, first tier cities, second tier cities and three cities rose or not. According to the data China Index Research Institute, the first half of first-tier cities rose a total of 12.79%, second tier city has risen 5.33%, the three line of the city has risen 4.27%, while the ring Dongguan, Zhongshan, Huizhou first-tier cities rose more than 25%, ranking the forefront of the country. Poor urban fundamentals, land supply, population growth is slow, the price can be adjusted less space, low profit margins, inventory to slow, the three or four line of the city’s housing prices have become intractable curse. Consulting with the policy research director Zhang Hongwei told the first financial reporter, "the three or four line of the city’s limited market space, in the past five years, the area of the three or four line of the city average annual turnover of new homes in the 2 million square meters, if developers get a building area of 200 thousand square meters of the project, to sell a few years, difficult to inventory developers, it is difficult to show." For once in the early years of stockpile three or four lines of housing prices, is still the main theme of structural adjustment. To reduce or even completely withdraw from the three or four line of urban land development is more than a brand room.相关的主题文章: