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Beijing – VIDEO – "Wu Genyue corner" Water Village wedding held in Shanghai will lead to red line on both sides of the three "Wu Genyue corner" Water Village wedding will be held in Shanghai red led to the three places between [comment], wedding costume ship, phoenix coronet and robes of rank full of sense of history of the stone bridge…… "Wu Genyue corner" Fengjing water wedding on September 25th in Shanghai Jinshan Fengjing town, the scene of 20 couples in the water under the blessing of marriage matchmaker. The wedding, bridal, wedding, wedding, wedding certification, constitutes a particular process China traditional folk wedding, will Chinese about auspicious and lively etiquette culture played most incisive. Located adjacent to the ancient Wu and Yue, and Wu Yue will save Fengjing town culture heritage intact continuation. When the traditional marriage customs in the communion of Wu Yue culture, water village wedding was born, people wear new boats on the river, phoenix coronet and robes of rank, parade, lively festive and rich poetic jiangnan. In 2015, "Wu Genyue corner" Fengjing water wedding Organizing Committee for the first time the red led to the island of Taiwan, successfully held the cross-strait new session. In order to promote Hong Kong and Macao compatriots to further understand the experience of Chinese Fengjing, traditional wedding culture, the Organizing Committee in 2016 the water village wedding also to relax the conditions of registration, the red led to the three places, so that more overseas compatriots to experience the "cultural charm of Chinese national family". [during the same period] (the groom in Shanghai, Taiwan) once in a lifetime, of course, want to leave a memorial. Quite happy, all the way this way, we also pretty enjoy this process. What do you think is different from western style wedding? (Taiwan groom in Shanghai side) I think the western style may be a bit low-key, the Chinese is as much as possible on the high-profile high-profile, so that all of us to give blessings. (working in Shanghai Taiwan bride Xu Mengpei) will feel very special, now there are so few traditional rites have the opportunity to participate in. This way (Chinese and Western) two can experience, and now to do so in China should be very few traditional. [comment] it is reported that, during the annual Shanghai Tourism Festival as one of the major theme, "Wu Genyue corner" Fengjing water wedding has become a beautiful name card Fengjing cultural external display, the wedding activities to this year has been held twelve times, its influence and popularity are rising year by year, and the new registration area is constantly extending. Reporter Xu Yinkang Yu Zhan Li Lanruo Shanghai reported相关的主题文章: