Beijing – VIDEO – the world’s first non symmetric hybrid composite beam cable-stayed bridge closure synnex

Beijing – VIDEO – the world’s first non symmetric hybrid composite beam closure [comment] November 29th cable-stayed bridge, located in Guizhou County of Luodian province and the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Tian’e County branch of the Red River bridge closure section of concrete pouring is completed, the world’s first non symmetric hybrid composite beam cable-stayed bridge to achieve closure. The Red River bridge across the Red River Canyon, "U" is Huishui to Luodian expressway connecting the two bridge control projects, the total cost of 540 million yuan, the total length of the bridge is 956 meters, 195.1 meters high. Cooperation between Guizhou and Guangxi. Guizhou Expressway Group Limited company deputy chief Liang Maoran told reporters, the Red River Bridge is located in the Yunnan Guizhou Plateau and Guangxi hilly slope transition zone, the local complex terrain conditions, land and water traffic block. Combined with the characteristics of local topography and geomorphology, the construction of Red River bridge construction technology innovation, creating three "first"". The same period [] deputy chief of Guizhou Expressway Group Limited Liang Maoran (Red River Bridge) is the world’s first non symmetrical (hybrid composite beam cable-stayed bridge). Non symmetry is from its structure (for), is the Guizhou bank is asymmetric beam (structure), the coast of Guangxi is a concrete (structure); there is a span of 213 meters is asymmetric, Guizhou shore side span is 185 meters, the Guangxi shore side span, which is from its structure stress on it. The second is the first in the world to put forward the whole stage for the installation of cable hoisting to cross this, until they are with other construction methods; the third is Guizhou coast (main beam) with pushing construction technology, Guangxi Bank (main beam) with high-end large span cast-in-place bracket, span (girder) is cable hoisting, three kinds of construction technology also used in this bridge, this is the first in the world. On the morning of 29, the Red River Bridge to achieve closure means, from Yinchuan to the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region as the starting point, Jingxi Long Bang in the town as the end point, many provinces, regions and Chinese throughout North and South longitudinal silver 100 (G69) high-speed Huishui to Luodian section will be opened to traffic. After the completion of high-speed huiluo, not only solve the problem from the traffic channel China southwest to the North Bay, the Pearl River Delta region, will also become Guizhou, Chongqing by the Guangxi highway connecting the most convenient channel of asean. [after] over the Guizhou high speed group huiluo project office director Xu Yinglu this highway is built, Guangxi Le hundred high speed it is completed, from Guiyang to the (border) the Longbang port is 450 km, a large channel it is our southern Guizhou sea, but it’s also a way we connected and the ASEAN region relatively fast, on the south of Guizhou and ASEAN from an economy, all aspects of cooperation, has important significance. (Pu Wensi, Qiannan, Guizhou,,)相关的主题文章: