Beijing next year to take the lead in the implementation of the new fuel standard reference to the i bree daniels

Beijing next year, the first implementation of the new standard reference fuel international the most stringent standards original title: Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau: January 1st next year the implementation of the "Beijing six" fuel standards Beijing Beijing October 31 Xinhua (reporter Kan Feng Yin Li) reporter from the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, Beijing city will be in January 1st next year to implement the sixth stage vehicle fuel standards. After the sixth phase of the oil is expected to use in gasoline vehicle emissions dropped by up to 10%. In order to reduce vehicle emissions pollution, Beijing in 2004, in 2005, in 2008, in the country took the lead in the implementation of the second, three or four and five stage local oil standards. Starting next year, Beijing six local oil standards implemented, Beijing will once again lead the country into a new era of oil. According to reports, Beijing is about to implement the sixth phase of "automotive gasoline", "Diesel" standard of the local standards of the two places, with reference to the current international most stringent vehicle fuel standards. Two local standards are set up respectively in Beijing sixth stage gasoline and diesel vehicle product classification, labeling, technical requirements, test methods, sampling, packaging, marking, transportation and storage and security content requirements, mandatory standards. Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, compared with the most stringent standards for olefin and aromatic oil in the high China car, vapor pressure section less, which is caused by the high range, Beijing city atmospheric oxidation ability, excellent weather remains one of the main reasons, so short, implementation of the "Beijing six" fuel standards, the four indicators tightened to help reduce atmospheric oxidation, reduce the formation of PM2.5 and ozone generation. According to reports, is expected to use the "Beijing six" oil, gasoline in particulate emissions fell by 10%, non methane organic gas and nitrogen oxides in general can reach 8-12% emission reduction rate; in diesel particulate nitrogen oxides decreased 4.6%, down 9.1%, total hydrocarbons decreased 8.3%, 2.2% decline in carbon monoxide. Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau of motor vehicle department director Li Kunsheng, at present, Beijing city vehicle fleet has reached 5 million 650 thousand units, the annual total emissions of about 500 thousand tons, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, volatile organic compounds emissions, respectively, accounted for the city’s total emissions of pollutants 86%, 56%, 32%. In Beijing, the contribution of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) in local pollution, the annual contribution of motor vehicle emissions accounted for more than 30%, non heating season can reach more than 40%. It can be said that motor vehicle emissions pollution is the largest source of local PM2.5 in Beijing, mainly motor vehicle emissions of nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds in certain meteorological conditions, about half will be converted into PM2.5. In addition, vehicle emissions of nitrogen oxides and volatile organic matter is also an important factor in causing excessive ozone, which light gasoline passenger car emissions of volatile organic compounds accounted for 80%-90%." Li Kunsheng said. According to reports, in order to ensure the quality of safety and replacement, in accordance with the practice, Beijing six vehicle oil standard implementation of natural replacement. Replacement period from January 1, 2017 to 201 stars相关的主题文章: