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Fashion-Style If there is a dress code mentioned in your invitation for example ball gown wedding dresses or any other. in such gatherings you will find all women in ball gown wedding dresses. It is considered as one of the most perfect formal attire for formal occasions. The most popular dress which most women like to wear in weddings in the western part of the world is a gown. There are various types of wedding gowns but here we will talk about the ball gown wedding dresses. In western part of the world, majority of the woman have ball gown in their wardrobe which they buy especially for special occasion. Traditionally speaking, a ball gown can be described as a full-skirted gown that reaches at least to the ankles is mostly made of luxurious fabric. These are trimmed with delicate and exotic lace, pearl, sequins, embroidery, ruffles, and ruching to make it more impressive looking. The most suitable fabric for ball gowns for wedding includes, satin, silk, taffeta and velvet. The ball gown can be in any style, the very famous off the shoulder style with decollete neckline looks great with a matching stole. The stole is a small formal shawl which .es in a huge variety of fabrics. With ball gown wedding dress a stole in an expensive material is worn. Every dress has its own importance and every dress is designed according to an occasion. One can easily make a difference in wedding dresses and casual dresses. Some people think its a hassle to find a wedding dress so they prefer to buy it from a designer. A designer can guide you best about the type of wedding dress you should buy, and what color would .pliment your personality. Your budget plays an important role especially when you are planning to buy a wedding dress. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: