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Wuhan is now the price of parking charges 30 yuan for half an hour or suspected of fraud in the new havd707

Wuhan is now the price of parking charges 30 yuan for half an hour or suspected fraud charges in the new network – itself is a market behavior, community, hospital units or municipal roads can be charged, but not everyone can accept, nor how to close on how to close, must have the corresponding control / reporter Liu Zhiyue newspaper Intern He Zhengxin Cao Yan stopped less than half an hour, to pay 30 yuan. Recently, the Wuhan Hubei car advocates on the enjoyment of this high parking treatment. Mr. Zhang’s car, parked in the center of reproductive medicine Wuhan Tongji Hospital entrance, at the former Wuhan City Department designated temporary road parking. Legal Daily reporters found that in October 2015, Wuhan has canceled roadside parking fees; in accordance with the regulations, Mr. Zhang should not pay parking. Experts pointed out that as the market regulation, city road parking fees to a certain extent, solve some of the owners of parking, "zombies" and other issues, but the property rights problem should be clear; units, residential parking shall be approved by the relevant approval procedures, if the individual charges fees arbitrarily posing as member may be suspected of fraud, the relevant departments should be shall be punished in accordance with the public security management punishment measures etc.. Parking charges 30 yuan a fee of $30, a total of two yuan to pay a total of $60!" Speaking of the recent parking experience, the car is still somewhat dissatisfied mr.. In September 15th, Mr. Zhang drove to accompany the students to the hospital, the nearest car parked in the hospital door. Two hours later, Mr. Zhang is ready to drive away, but was charged $30. The next day, Mr. Zhang returned to the hospital to take medicine to stop the car for about an hour, pay the parking fee 30 yuan. "In accordance with the regulations, parking only three or four yuan per hour, if the hospital belongs to the parking lot within half an hour should be free, do not know why there is such a high parking fees?" Zhang questioned. Reporters came to Wuhan Tongji Hospital to visit the center for Reproductive Medicine found that the scene is divided into 3 rows of parked more than 40 private cars, only more than more than 20 berths parking berth line. A total of 3 parking fee charges, charges of $30. However, there are also owners of "bargain", toll parking fees will be reduced to 20 yuan. Near the parking lot due to limited supply, many to the reproductive medical center or to the opposite of Tongji Hospital owners will not have a car parked here. Hospital leaders to do so, this is a prime location, love non-stop"…… The face of challenge, charging staff is "perfect". In fact, in recent years, Wuhan public parking encounter high fees is not an example. As a Hankou square parking lot was 1 hours parking fee of 200 yuan, a district of Wuchang monthly 2000 yuan astronomical parking fees etc.. With the increase in the number of motor vehicles, urban parking conflicts are also increasingly prominent, hospitals, railway stations and other traffic intensive, but also become a "enclosure" charge of prime locations. "Don’t give money not to stop, some money is not to invoice, no parking owners on where to go?" The car Gary bluntly.相关的主题文章:

Beijing – VIDEO – the world’s first non symmetric hybrid composite beam cable-stayed bridge closure synnex

Beijing – VIDEO – the world’s first non symmetric hybrid composite beam closure [comment] November 29th cable-stayed bridge, located in Guizhou County of Luodian province and the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Tian’e County branch of the Red River bridge closure section of concrete pouring is completed, the world’s first non symmetric hybrid composite beam cable-stayed bridge to achieve closure. The Red River bridge across the Red River Canyon, "U" is Huishui to Luodian expressway connecting the two bridge control projects, the total cost of 540 million yuan, the total length of the bridge is 956 meters, 195.1 meters high. Cooperation between Guizhou and Guangxi. Guizhou Expressway Group Limited company deputy chief Liang Maoran told reporters, the Red River Bridge is located in the Yunnan Guizhou Plateau and Guangxi hilly slope transition zone, the local complex terrain conditions, land and water traffic block. Combined with the characteristics of local topography and geomorphology, the construction of Red River bridge construction technology innovation, creating three "first"". The same period [] deputy chief of Guizhou Expressway Group Limited Liang Maoran (Red River Bridge) is the world’s first non symmetrical (hybrid composite beam cable-stayed bridge). Non symmetry is from its structure (for), is the Guizhou bank is asymmetric beam (structure), the coast of Guangxi is a concrete (structure); there is a span of 213 meters is asymmetric, Guizhou shore side span is 185 meters, the Guangxi shore side span, which is from its structure stress on it. The second is the first in the world to put forward the whole stage for the installation of cable hoisting to cross this, until they are with other construction methods; the third is Guizhou coast (main beam) with pushing construction technology, Guangxi Bank (main beam) with high-end large span cast-in-place bracket, span (girder) is cable hoisting, three kinds of construction technology also used in this bridge, this is the first in the world. On the morning of 29, the Red River Bridge to achieve closure means, from Yinchuan to the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region as the starting point, Jingxi Long Bang in the town as the end point, many provinces, regions and Chinese throughout North and South longitudinal silver 100 (G69) high-speed Huishui to Luodian section will be opened to traffic. After the completion of high-speed huiluo, not only solve the problem from the traffic channel China southwest to the North Bay, the Pearl River Delta region, will also become Guizhou, Chongqing by the Guangxi highway connecting the most convenient channel of asean. [after] over the Guizhou high speed group huiluo project office director Xu Yinglu this highway is built, Guangxi Le hundred high speed it is completed, from Guiyang to the (border) the Longbang port is 450 km, a large channel it is our southern Guizhou sea, but it’s also a way we connected and the ASEAN region relatively fast, on the south of Guizhou and ASEAN from an economy, all aspects of cooperation, has important significance. (Pu Wensi, Qiannan, Guizhou,,)相关的主题文章:

Spare parts for the crisis to solve the Volkswagen will resume production – People’s daily ca nlite

Parts of the foreclosure crisis   Volkswagen will resume production, car — original title: parts of the foreclosure crisis resolved Volkswagen will resume production is close to the public senior sources pointed out: suspend part of the production, because the conventional production adjustment for the next quarter, including golf, sales target by hearsay is not true. "Given the slowdown in sales of Volkswagen (excluding China), of course, a slight reduction in production levels, but no one wants to see the outcome of the dispute." A London based consulting analyst says. China Economic Net comprehensive foreign reports, Volkswagen in Germany local time on August 23rd publicly said that for two suppliers parts off for the dispute has been resolved. The two sides will work together to support the "recovery" of volkswagen". Last weekend, the German Prevent group under the seat maker Car Trim and transmission cast iron parts maker ES Automobilguss, accused the public in the lack of explanation and compensation ", cancel the order unilaterally, had to stop to the public supply of spare parts. Volkswagen has six factories, nearly 28 thousand employees were off for the impact, including the Wolfsburg factory, Zwickau factory Golf production line are facing downtime. The other four factories have to shorten the time. According to industry analysts said the loss of only one week in Wolfsburg factory production close to 100 million euros. In order to prevent further expansion of the loss, the public and the two suppliers for a long, long time, the talks were more than 20 hours. Volkswagen is currently publicly stated that it has resolved the differences with the supplier, but did not disclose more details. The two suppliers also said that the two sides agreed not to disclose the details of the agreement, and will restart the delivery as soon as possible, to support the public to resume production, and step by step to achieve normal supply rhythm. In this dispute, the two parts manufacturers have asked the public to compensate $66 million. Car Trim claimed that the contract was canceled orders by the public, involving a loss of up to 500 million euros. It is worth mentioning that, because of the intensification of the contradiction between the two sides on the weekend, even comments that the book "will be in court, a judicial decision". There are comments that the public is accustomed to a strong supplier overwhelmed, recovered from the diesel emissions scandal, the public anxious to reduce the cost of suppliers through conduction loss. There are people close to the top of the public sources pointed out: the suspension of some production, because the production adjustment for the next quarter, including golf, including sales targets down the rumors are not true. "Given the slowdown in mass sales (excluding China), of course, a slight reduction in production levels, but no one wants to see the outcome of the dispute." A London based consulting analyst says. (China Economic Net Huang Chunmian (Translated): Yan Feng, commissioning editor Dou Ming)相关的主题文章:

400 billion yuan Wenzhou a man involved in the case of large multinational Internet gambling baxia

400 billion yuan in Wenzhou a man involved in a large multinational Internet gambling case recently, Songyang City, Lishui County People’s court with the use of network platform, the implementation of transnational gambling online gambling case, involving a total amount of 400 billion yuan, profit of 580 million yuan illegally. In the case of the defendant Zhou Wenzhou Lucheng people, in April 5th this year, Vietnam arrested, after being transferred back home. In November 24th, the Songyang court trial, the defendant Zhou as one of the main criminal court trial gang. Zhou was arrested on suspicion of the crime of opening casinos in Songyang County People’s Procuratorate approved the arrest on October 22, 2014. China’s Ministry of Public Security issued a warrant for class A, international organizations issued an international manhunt. It is understood that in June 2012, a week together with Pengmou (already sentenced), a full house, Quan Mouyu (both at large) and others, to create a shared network technology Co., Ltd. in Wenzhou. The company hired Wang, Wu, Chen (have been sentenced) and a number of network technicians, to create a network of chess game platform on the internet. The platform is provided with a "rather than beef, two stud and 14 gambling games, selling homemade" bar beans "game currency as gambling chips. In order to obtain a huge amount of illegal interests, the game platform is also specially developed by Zhou is responsible for the banking group, so as to facilitate the realization of the game bar bar and free convertibility of the rmb. May 2013, in order to escape the public security organs to fight, the decision to move the company’s work place a bit of luxury, while modifying the domain name, continue to run the online gambling platform. June 18, 2014, the game platform was seized by public security organs. The survey found that the platform game player account for more than 204 months, the purchase of silver in the office, generating nearly 19 trillion game currency, to the sale of silver business prices reached 400 billion yuan, Zhou and other criminal illegal profit of 580 million yuan. In addition, Zhou also participated in another gaming platform online gambling banking group, illegal profit of 8 yuan. In June 2014 after the incident, Pengmou, Xu, Zhang Wo, some 8 people have been prosecuted and arrested, jailed. Some of the people involved in a whole and a fugitive Yu Hao. Currently, the series of cases in the criminal part of Zhou, is still under further investigation.相关的主题文章:

Domestic Porsche SR9 to sell 120 thousand, there are many Thai artillery fire hit – Sohu 捷安特xtc750

Homebred Porsche SR9 to sell 120 thousand, Zotye how many fire auto – Sohu if any car prices brought to the national car dream, it is my Thai people. Prior to the domestic Audi Q3, said the SR7 has hot listed hot sales, and now to a Thai version of the Porsche. Thailand’s new SUV SR9 has been a public appearance, the biggest feature of the new car is the appearance of the interior imitate the Porsche Macan, such a model and let people began to cheer. Now the domestic media reports: Zotye SR9 in October 26th is today officially announced the sale price, the new car will offer 9 models for consumers to choose, or the price is 120 thousand yuan, and may even be lower. The Thai version of "Macan SR9" length and breadth were 47441929 1647mm, the wheelbase is 2850mm, the wheelbase has reached the medium size of the SUV, the overall shape of the movement, grille with mouth style headlights shape domineering personality. The rear of the sleek new car design, the overall style similar to the Porsche Macan. The interior, Zotye SR9 console as a whole with the plastic and leather coating process, a modified double stitching stitching, to enhance the sense of quality a lot. The new car is equipped with a leather wrapped three spoke multifunction steering wheel, the console is equipped with a 9 inch LCD screen control. Power, the Thai SR9 equipped with 2.0T turbocharged engine, the maximum output power of 190 horsepower 5500rpm, peak torque of 250 cattle · m 2400-4800rpm. It is a 6 speed dual clutch or a 5 speed manual gearbox. But the current car city rating specifically to the surrounding neighborhood, Zotye 4S shop, many shops there is no car, may tour in various regions, and even a show car, only Xiewan Yuanguan Yan, estimates have to wait some time test. The car is currently in the appearance of the interior is more pleasing, what can be listed after the hot sales, is still unknown, the first static, such as today’s pre-sale price! Car city special comments: new car consulting, used car shopping guide, car knowledge consulting, online interaction within 24 hours of communication, public concern about the number of WeChat car city special comment more exciting content in which.相关的主题文章: