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Philippines Deputy Foreign Minister’s visit to the Philippines on the first visit of President daqia steam_api.dll

Philippines Deputy Foreign Minister’s visit to the Philippines on the first visit of President daqianzhan – Sohu news October 6, 2016, Vice Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin held talks in Beijing with Philippines Deputy Foreign Minister Manalo. According to the Ministry of foreign affairs China network China Ministry of foreign affairs website news, October 6, 2016, Vice Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin held talks in Beijing with Philippines Deputy Foreign Minister Manalo, the overall situation of both sides exchanged views on bilateral relations including strengthening bilateral cooperation in various fields. Earlier, foreign media reported that President Duthel Te will be held from October 20th to 21, China’s official visit to Philippines for a period of two days, while about more than 20 Philippines businessmen will be accompanied to beijing. At present, the Ministry of foreign affairs Chinese have not yet been officially announced, but China Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said 23 days, the two sides are Philippines President Duthel Te’s visit to China to maintain close communication, look forward to President Duthel Te’s early visit. He is only 3 months, Duthel Te has repeatedly said in public, Philippines should strive for independent diplomacy, will no longer be a pawn of American interests in the Asia Pacific region. A statement that the foreign minister of Philippines Yasai published in October 6th, Philippines will be made from the previous contacts with the United States under the wrong lessons, and establish a more extensive contact with other countries Chinese. In October 5th, Philippines’s president Duthel Te appointed a senior media person, 68 year old Philippines association president of China Xian Da? Rome that served as ambassador China in philippines. The 67 anniversary of the establishment of China ambassador Zhao Jianhua at the end of September to celebrate the embassy held a conference in People’s Republic of China said that the Philippines relations between the two countries in Philippines since the inauguration of President Duthel Te has achieved positive results, "restore justice, a new chapter of bilateral relations will usher in a bright dawn." U.S. foreign affairs website has published an analysis of the article pointed out that Duthel Te took office three months ago, is reshaping Philippines’s diplomatic relations, and may even change the order in the Asia Pacific region.相关的主题文章:

Moto m invitation exposure will debut in Guangzhou in November 8th agogoktv

Moto M invitation: exposure will debut in Guangzhou on October 31st news in November 8th, had a lot of news that Motorola will launch M terminal Moto a price close to the people, we have seen its configuration information and spy photos. Prior to the rumors that this all metal phone will be released in December, but now exposed the invitation shows that the aircraft will be released on November 8th (next Tuesday) in Guangzhou. Moto M invitation exposure allegedly, the device will be associated with Lenovo’s high endurance mobile phone P2 to attend the new release of lenovo mobile phones in Guangzhou and channel conference in autumn. Moto M rendering rumors of Moto M will also be a high endurance equipment, which uses a 5100mAh battery, equipped with 14nm technology, with low power consumption characteristics of Xiaolong 625 processor, high color value and price will become one of the major features. Other configurations include 4GB RAM+64GB, ROM storage portfolio (international version of 3GB 4GB RAM+32GB ROM), pre installed Android 6 operating system (after the upgrade to Android 7), camera for the front 5 million (or 8 million) + rear 16 million pixel camera, rear and fingerprint identification function. As for the appearance of Lenovo P2, the aircraft in September this year, has been released on the IFA conference and exhibition. The machine uses the same 5.5 inch 1080p screen, equipped with a 5100mAh battery, equipped Xiaolong 625 processor, but the screen AMOLED screen (Moto M screen with LCD). Camera side, its front 5 million + rear 13 million SONY camera, built-in 4GB+64GB storage portfolio (support storage expansion), and pre fingerprint identification function. I do not know whether the two models look forward to it?相关的主题文章:

Water three new board trading system reform what musiland

Kim: three new board trading system reform what the sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor you say stocks contest out 60 million new board trading system reform – what the Goldwater national share transfer system set up 3 years of nearly ten thousand listed companies. Today, the national stock transfer system trading system reform has been referred to the national strategic level. Solve the problem of three new board liquidity is expected to become a new focus in the national stock transfer system listed companies after ten million. The national share transfer system trading system has the most comprehensive, the most complex, consisting of the delisting of the company and two network system is a collection of old three auction, three new board base layer are used to transfer agreement means innovation layer uses the mechanism of market maker. Ordinary people to understand the national share transfer system trading is not easy. Make market transactions by brokers and other market makers pricing; auction transactions and the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange almost the same transaction, mainly the transfer agreement, the initiative in the seller and the buyer. As a stock one to 1 yuan of money transfer, someone to transfer 100 yuan, if you think that the share price rose 100 times, that is wrong, many people do not understand the new board shares, the transfer agreement is mainly to blame. The transfer agreement is the seller and the buyer have agreed a good price, through the transfer system, because the three new board of shareholders list from Industrial and Commercial Bureau to securities registration company, the national share transfer system, the transfer agreement, less run Industrial and Commercial Bureau changes of shareholders. The transfer of the agreement provides a convenient transfer of ownership. However, the value of a company’s stake in the end how much, it is difficult to identify, decided by the parties to negotiate, the price difference is very large. In most cases, it is difficult to transfer the shares of listed company, and rarely deal with external shareholders, some shareholders have their own transactions and their own. Sometimes in order to change the shareholding structure, the need to transfer part of the equity to the associated account, but also the use of the transfer agreement, rather than business changes. Thus, the emergence of 1 yuan per share of the transaction, or even a transaction of $1 per share. The main purpose of this time is tax avoidance. Because the equity has not been sold, but in the transfer of related accounts on the transfer of a tax is not worthwhile. However, the agreement requires the transfer of the two sides to enter the seat number, after the transfer of the transfer can be achieved on the point of view, if there is no input seat number, may face the transfer of the external owner. Guangdong once had a shareholder transfer of listed companies are not familiar with the trading rules, forget the seat number, the stock was 1 yuan in. There’s really a pie in the sky. Later, the company tried to get the stock back, no success. So, they to vent their discontent to the national share transfer system, deliberately with amazing high transfer stocks, caused by the national share transfer system Public opinion is seething with indignation., to disrupt the market punished. The same company’s shares to 1 yuan of money transfer, and to the transfer of $100, which is the real price? In fact, whether it is the price of 1 yuan, or the price of $100, are shareholders themselves in the transaction, rather than a company’s real market price. Shareholders to 100 yuan and their own transactions in order to affect the market price theory相关的主题文章:

Holding a large proportion of the 37.56% partial shares of the fund was large-scale redemption of in incubus

Holding a large proportion of 37.56% shares of the fund was the size of the institutional investor redemption Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Beijing daily news (reporter Cui Qibin Su Changchun intern reporter Wang Han) yesterday, the disclosure of all the fund in 2016 semi annual report is completed, the Beijing Daily reporter noted that the holders of the fund structure index, institutional investors accounted for the same period last year increased by 13.24%, of which fixed income funds favored, partial stock funds have been neglected. TX Irving data show that as of the end of the first half of 7 trillion and 369 billion 374 million, in the public offering of fund shares, holdings of institutional investors reached 3 trillion and 923 billion 87 million, accounting for more than 50% to 53.24%, while in the same period last year, the scale of institutional holdings accounted for 40%. Specific from the institutional investors in the proportion of various types of funds, the proportion of fixed income funds such as money, bonds and other institutional investors in the first half to hold an increase in the proportion of. Data show that in the first half of 2016 the IMF institutional investors held a share of 2 trillion and 416 billion 461 million copies, accounting for more than the same period last year, an increase of 59.31% over the same period of 38.58%, an increase of 20.73%. In addition, compared with the money funds, bond funds and institutional clients is the proportion of fast growth in the first half of this year, bond funds and institutional investors hold a share of 645 billion 672 million, the proportion of shares held by institutional investors as high as 73.87%, an increase of 15.35 percentage points over the same period last year 58.52%. In equity funds, equity funds institutions hold percentage less than the same period last year, but the overall stock funds suffered redemptions of institutional investors, institutional investors hold the size has shrunk 67 billion 710 million. In addition, hybrid funds also suffered a large number of institutional investors to redeem, the share size has shrunk to 263 billion 605 million copies, the proportion of institutional investors holding shares of hybrid funds fell by up to 37.56%. It is not difficult to see that the first half of the stock market overall showing concussion, institutional investors’ risk aversion, the proportion of institutions holders in different types of funds also appear differentiation, fixed income products favored by institutional investors. Market analysts have pointed out that from the end of last year the spread of "asset shortage" to rush to raise funds raised funds, many banks, insurance, trust funds through public offering institutions such as the layout of low – risk bond market and make new markets, offering customized revenue targets and the investment direction of the public offering of products, it is not only changing the holder structure in public funds, will also have a certain impact on the public product investment style. In fact, the proportion of institutional investors hold the proportion of various types of funds, and this year the market performance of various types of funds are not unrelated. According flush iFinD data show that the first half of the fixed income fund to achieve better overall positive returns, the monetary fund a total profit of 115 billion 361 million yuan, the bond fund first half profit amounted to 8 billion 237 million yuan. And subject to market theory相关的主题文章:

Scientists have found some secrets of the Van Allen radiation belt (video)

The scientists found that the Van Allen radiation belt there are still some mystery in 2012, NASA launched a detailed study on the detector to them, this is the first time ever that the two spacecraft and the observation of the radiation belt, they can exchange information with each other to get more data in the United States to launch a satellite on the Van Allen radiation belt space Tencent news according to foreign media reports, the earth’s magnetic field can capture a large number of high-energy particles, these particles will gather and grow wide bands, like a giant donut generally around the earth. The radiation zone is the first satellite in 1958 1, American explorers discovered. As the leader of the project was James Van Allen of University of Iowa, the radiation belt was eventually named after him. In the January 31, 1958 launch of Explorer 1, cosmic ray detector using Allen Van very simple — just a Geiger counter (of a radiation detection instrument) and a tape memory. In the subsequent 1958 3 space mission – Explorer 3, Explorer 4 and pioneer 3, follow up the experiment to determine the two radiation belt around the earth. Radiation belt models for decades are so simple. In 2012, NASA launched a pair of detectors to study them in detail. This is the first time that two spacecraft have been observing the radiation belts at the same time. They can exchange information with each other for more data. Van Allen detector (formerly known as the "radiation belt storm detector") several target, including exploring the particle radiation band (ions and electrons) is how to speed up and transfer; electronic is how to disappear in the radiation zone; geomagnetic storms occur when the radiation belt is how to change. The mission had been planned for two years, but by August 2016, the probe would have been able to work well beyond two years of life expectancy. One of the concerns of the observations is the location of the Van Allen band. We already know that the radiation belt expands when the sun gets stronger. Before the launch of the probe, scientists believe that the inner radiation belt is relatively stable, only when the expansion will spread to the international space station and some satellites orbit. External radiation belt will fluctuate. It takes a few months to calibrate the instrument. But the team of relativistic electron proton telescopes called for their instruments almost immediately after launch (3 days later). The reason for this is that they hope to compare the results of the other spacecraft, the solar energy, the anomaly, and the magnetic field particle detector (SAMPEX) before and after the re-entry orbit. NASA said in February 2013 that it was a fortunate decision. When the instrument is turned on, it will catch up with the solar storm leading to the expansion of the radiation belt. No one has ever seen such a scene before, the particle has a new feature, showing an additional radiation into space. The space agency added that the Van Allen probe, after less than a few days of launch, has brought scientists with the possibility of rewriting textbooks. The data collected by the detector also show that the radiation belt protects the earth from high energy particles. The main author of the article, University of Colorado Dan B)相关的主题文章: