Are Video Sharing Apps Posing A Real Threat To Youtubes Dominance-splitit

Arts-and-Entertainment Watching a video on your phone is sheer fun! Isn’t it? A new study has brought forth a fact that people have started using mobile video sharing apps in place of web-based video sharing platforms like Youtube and Vimeo, for sharing videos. With Justin Bieber promoting Viddy and Mark Zuckerberg joining the same for uploading the video of his dog recently, these video sharing apps are rightly being quoted as Youtube killers. On the other hand, Youtube has started live video monetization of late, whereby a user to pay, if he wants to access a live video stream. Social Sharing Apps are popular. Why? Socialcam, which is just 14 months old, claims to have 36 million users, whereas Viddy, which is two months younger to the former, has 26 million users. Techcrunch quotes Socialcam as- ‘Instagram for Video’. As per the recent Flurry Analytics report, the apps download rate has increased by leaps and bounds as compared to last year, since people belonging to all age-groups are sharing millions of videos online everyday. Are these apps going to become Youtube’s equal? Just try to recall when did you last time switched on your PC for buying, browsing, gaming, chatting, tweeting or watching a video. It has been more than a week now that I have touched my desktop for any of the above mentioned purposes. Advanced smartphone apps that allow you to browse, share and update anything anytime with a wi-fi connection, spare you the hassle of a wired internet connection. In terms of convenience, yes, some of these apps can become Youtube’s equal in the years to come. These video sharing apps also epitomize the instant sharing experience via a smartphone, with comparatively more effects and editing options. Since users are spending more time on their mobile handsets than on the web, it is highly likely that these video sharing apps outrun youtube"s no. one position as a video sharing platform. Though, a drop in YouTube’s engagement does not indicate that this renowned video sharing platform has anything substantial to ponder over, but it surely indicates that people are taking interest in these community and interaction oriented mobile applications. Youtube may need to worry, but certainly not in the near future. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: