Alpha Romeo push Giulia Veloce Paris release – Sohu car luonv

Alpha Romeo push Giulia Veloce Paris release – Sohu car [Sohu car   new car] recently, the official release of its official Giulia Veloce models in. The car is equipped with 2.0T 2.2T gasoline or diesel engine, are equipped with four-wheel drive system, is expected in September 29th the opening of the Paris auto show debut. Appearance: Giulia Veloce models appearance flagship sports style, black honeycomb grille with petal type sub light yellow wheels and brake calipers sporty self-evident. In addition, in the flank board is also marked with the Veloce logo. Interior: Giulia Veloce model interior styling with the ordinary version of the model is basically the same, such as increased: shift paddles, metal decorative pedal, cylindrical seat, and in the control area, stalls joined the black fine decoration board, the movement is more obvious. Power, Giulia Veloce will be equipped with 2.0T gasoline or 2.2T diesel engine, the maximum power of 280 horsepower, peak torque of 400N? M. The maximum power of 210 horsepower, peak torque of 470N? M, with matching is 8 speed automatic transmission, and are equipped with four-wheel drive system. (responsible editor: often laugh)相关的主题文章: