Alibaba released second quarter earnings net profit rose 41% mp7a1

Alibaba released second quarter earnings: net profit rose 41% Alibaba released second quarter earnings: net profit rose 41% Phoenix Technology News Beijing on November 2nd news group, Alibaba (NYSE:BABA) today released the fiscal year ending 2017 September 30, 2016 second quarter earnings. Reported that Alibaba group’s second quarter revenue of RMB 34 billion 292 million yuan (about $5 billion 142 million), an increase of 55%. Net profit of 7 billion 75 million yuan (about $1 billion 61 million), compared with the same period last year, a decrease of 22 billion 703 million yuan of RMB 69%. Based on non GAAP, net profit of 12 billion 949 million yuan (about $1 billion 942 million), an increase of 41%. The second quarter results and strategic points: – core business revenue grew 41%, reaching 28 billion 493 million yuan; mobile monthly active users in a single quarter net increase of 23 million to 450 million. Revenue, adjusted earnings, earnings per share and free cash flow performance, fully exceeded market expectations, highlighting the strong growth momentum of data-driven new retail economies. – Alibaba group quarter adjusted EBITA (interest income tax depreciation and amortization of profits) grew 42% to $14 billion 593 million, adjusted profit margin of $43%, of which the core electricity supplier business adjusted EBITA profit margin of 62%. Excluding cash in nature, equity incentives and revaluation gains of individual projects, quarter adjusted earnings rose 41% to 12 billion 949 million yuan, adjusted diluted earnings per share for 5.26 yuan, the market is expected to win a 12%. The second quarter, the Alibaba group adjusted free cash flow amounted to 13 billion 943 million yuan. Comment: the Alibaba executives Group CEO Zhang Yong said: "the Alibaba group in the second quarter performance is very good. This quarter’s results show that through the 450 million mobile end users to provide innovative social networking experience, our liquidity increasingly enhanced. We are pleased to see that, in addition to the strong performance of the core electricity supplier business, cloud computing business continues to expand rapidly. In addition, we also see a huge growth potential from the new integration of digital media and entertainment business. Through the combination of highly relevant content and online experience, we have achieved excellent results in two aspects of Finance and operations in the quarter." Alibaba group chief financial officer Wu Wei said: this quarter, Alibaba group’s revenue growth was strong, reaching 55%, the group’s four business sectors have shown a strong momentum of growth. We have the profitability and cash flow out of the core of the electricity supplier business, so that we can continue to invest in future growth areas, including cloud computing, digital media and entertainment and innovation projects. We believe that all of these businesses will create long-term value for our customers and shareholders." Second quarter results: – MAU mobile terminal in detail. The second quarter, the mobile Chinese retail business platform on the end of the number of monthly active users to 450 million, while the first quarter of 427 million, a net increase of 23 million over the same period last year, 346 million)相关的主题文章: