Air release vehicle digital products center, opened the next scene – intelligent travel technology S wharfedale

Air release vehicle digital products center, opened intelligent travel the next scene – although in the rapid development of science and technology science and technology Sohu, but some local progress slowly. For example, long-distance bus travel field, it belongs to the slow progress of the field of science and technology, since the bus can be put on the long-distance bus, for many years there has been no major change and progress. And this situation will be broken, the air group to bring intelligent vehicle terminal own, began opening intelligent travel in the future. The huge travel market to be developed Chinese is very keen to travel, we love to go around, the most typical is the largest annual feast – Spring Festival transportation. In 2015, China’s total passenger traffic reached 22 billion 300 million times, railway passengers more than 2 billion 500 million times, while more than 19 billion 400 million bus passengers, more than ten times the total population of china. Almost every Chinese people travel 15 times a year on average. Therefore, long-distance travel is a very large area of the market, the coverage is very broad, many of whom are high-quality crowd. Behind the huge number of travel, contact time consumption, each travel time is in hours, then travel there are thousands of billions of hours of consumption on the road, this is very alarming. After all, Focus Media just rely on the white-collar workers in the elevator five minutes before the creation of billions of dollars a year, then this billion hours of time, and how much commercial value? Passenger travel time needs to be effectively utilized, technology upgrades will be the best solution to this pain point. For example, the management of vehicles, including the avoidance of traffic congestion, vehicle real-time positioning, car management, passenger identification, hacker control and other aspects, there is a need to improve the place. Therefore, the realization of the technical upgrading of the field of travel is the trend, but to see who can do it better. The United States Air Vehicle Digital Center is the largest China air travel WiFi operators and content providers, has been providing various content for travel industry, advertising and other services, has deep industry, familiar with the travel industry in all aspects. The air launched products is intelligent vehicle center for vehicle users. The basic realization of the center of the entire vehicle intelligent upgrade, which has a wealth of powerful features, people seem to see the future of high-tech transportation. Compared with the new vehicle digital center offers only WiFi of the first generation of the original digital vehicle center, using the low-power 24 nanometer Broadcom CPU top, Apple’s high-end products dedicated Broadcom high-speed Wi-Fi chip, dual pass 4G module access to the entire network, high power fully integrated to the whole antenna, can support up to 96 users concurrent network at the same time, 48 users simultaneously access the local resources to provide video content. This means that the same car can support 96 network access, there are 48 people can also quickly to watch local, so that passengers did not have to put what film at each other’s throats. The basic realization of the plane on the video on demand service level, but also access to the internet. In addition to providing services to passengers, the intelligent vehicle center can also be.相关的主题文章: