After he went to Silicon Valley, he came back to VR ca1871

After going to Silicon Valley, he came back firmly in the VR venture anyone who went to Silicon Valley will not question whether VR will become a trend, but it is a matter of time sooner or later. 1 — "what is happening in Silicon Valley? Once my identity is more of a presenter and producer, from the beginning of 2014 in Phoenix, interviewed a lot of venture capital heavyweights, also in the mobile Internet Conference Forum (GMIC), Boao’s top science and technology emerge these financial activities. An interview with Kevin Kelly and in September of this year, I went to Silicon Valley in the United States, Tim Draper Tesla, an early investor from Hotmail, Baidu, he was known as the "Silicon Valley venture Godfather", and I am Draper University Master Program is the first and only one China students. Tesla, Hotmail, Baidu’s early investors Tim Draper in Silicon Valley, a chance to see a VR experience. In this experience, I through to Van Gogh’s famous "night cafe", I have found that just entered the cafe, because everything is so true: let me try around a billiard table, overhead lights are still flashing by Van Gogh classic Starry Night. Then I can slide the side touch panel (with the Samsung Gear VR) move forward and backward, but also the head of the direction of change to observe the people around. The Night Cafe: VR Tribute Vincent Van Gogh Cafe then I explore the cafe basement, toilet, balcony, "everything is too real in front of me," said A to!" Sometimes can not help but reach out to touch the railing, walked through the bar can not help but get a bottle. The Night Cafe: A VR Tribute to Vincent Van Gogh Van Gogh after exploring the space on the left after I follow the melodious music to find a cafe in the piano. I was standing on the piano behind indulge in music, then try sitting on the side to see the pianist his fingers on the keys of free play. Then a turn, found in front of it is Van Gogh himself, he took the pipe from time to time, draw a mouth, ears are complete (if you know Van Gogh’s famous cut ear event you don’t think I this sentence does not make sense), like me seriously enjoying music. "This is amazing!" The man I’ve ever heard of a lot of legends is sitting in front of me, and I’m enjoying the same piece of music in a space for a while. At this time my tears can not help but flow out, shocked, touched, the dream come true feeling. Then I fell madly in love with VR. Must see at least one hour before the VR video every day to sleep, and then participated in all VR related activities almost I could find, including uploadVR, SVVR organizers (Silicon Valley VR), Samsung, BoostVC, Google, Facebook, be too numerous to enumerate after "相关的主题文章: