Adata released ultimate SU800 3D SSD floating gate flash memory

Adata released Ultimate SU800 3D SSD floating gate flash ADATA Adata today announced the launch of the new flagship series of SSD – Ultimate SU800. This 2.5 inch SATA drive capacity from 128GB to 1TB, using the 3D TLC flash memory, help Adata to reduce costs and prices. Adata said Ultimate SU800 SSD uses 3D floating gate flash memory, MX300 and Crucial should be the same, using the same 3D micron flash memory chip. Adata Ultimate SU800 SSD in addition to the 3D floating gate flash memory, Ultimate SU800 solid state hard drive built-in DRAM cache and virtual SLC mode, to improve performance. According to Adata said, Ultimate SU800 SSD continuous read speed of 560MB s, write speed speed of 520MB s sequential write, no fault time up to two million hours, and provide three years warranty. ADATA Adata gives 1TB price is $269. Ultimate SU800 SSD will be on sale at Amazon and American newegg.相关的主题文章: