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Business A sector of this type of education is one that is based on web platform, accessible through web browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Chrome and similar). The large number of people who are familiar with this technology (you use it too, at this moment, in which reading this article) was inspired to translate the learning from the classroom … real in the virtual classroom, using the web 2.0 technology. Basically, instead of going to classes, access a website where you can find correspondences virtual educational experiences that are .mon. Web-learning platforms (learning web) contain: Courses Training sessions Educators (teachers) who teach these courses live or creating courses that can be accessed through the site Classes of students Groups of students working on specific issues Social networks that are used by students for learning purposes and that works similar to Facebook Online dictionaries related to course topics Course topics related forums Sections wiki (sites that contain practical information) Areas of achievement and presentation exercises and topics that students receive .plex tests that are given online Live Meeting platforms (web seminars or seminars) One to one coaching platform …. And many other facilities What gives? For now, the platform contains only one free course, made by me, titled "How to make more money". It is a course with four modules, each module is done in a week. Each of the four modules include: The application of new information technologies in education in all areas of knowledge has been significant changes in the teaching process. In this context, distance education via the Internet is now a tool of education and training highly recognized throughout the world. Online BBA via the Internet breaks down geographical barriers definitely generates educational .munities in which interaction is an essential tool for the enrichment of the issues, and enables a new and strong link between students and their teachers. It also allows students to organize their time and space, adjusting the schedule of classes according to their convenience and possibilities. Without the need to attend the traditional classroom, as they arrive at their .puters while they are in their workplaces, at home, the home of friends or relatives, or in a public caf, students are setting themselves how to develop their studies and the times in which they attend classes. It is only necessary that students have an Internet connection, handle basic tools like email and surfing the net, and know the language in which classes are developed. Through Online MBA Is Not A Decision To Take It Easy via the Internet all people have the opportunity to access training that will be impossible to take in the regions in which they reside. Each student can regulate learning times, knowing that classes will ac.pany to the place where you are, or while traveling developing other activities. Who trained with these tools can also take classes during the weekends, or atypical hours, while interacting with their teacher and other students. At all times, even without being connected to the Inter. have permanent access to the classes and the topics covered in them. These distinctive features make innovative distance education via the Inter. in a training and development tool irreplaceable highly valued by students around the world. Those who are trained in this way never miss school, since they are always available. Implement what real learning is just one of the cornerstones of distance education via the Inter.. After his first experience in this field of training, students fully understand that this is a wonderful and innovative way of transmission of knowledge and experience, not just a simple and conventional instruction methodology academic characteristics. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: