Academy of Chinese Traditional Opera in 2016 undergraduate admissions admission line vstart

2016 Academy of Chinese Traditional Opera undergraduate admissions culture admission scores of Academy of Chinese Traditional Opera was founded in 1950, is the Ministry of culture and the Beijing municipal government to build a culture of opera art talents of colleges and universities, is the highest institution of China drama education. As of March 2014, Academy of Chinese Traditional Opera, Department of Peking Opera is acting, music department, director of the Department of literature, drama, stage art, new media art department, international cultural exchange department, infrastructure department, School of 10 teaching units, 14 undergraduate majors and 25 professional direction. Professional code of professional recruitment level culture name direction control line (including arts and Science) minimum admission culture (including arts and Science) Bachelor of music to study music composing technique of opera music making music composer undergraduate undergraduate undergraduate performing the national instrumental music opera, Peking Opera Kunqu opera performing instrumental instrumental undergraduate undergraduate undergraduate drama form many undergraduate education undergraduate opera and dance drama performances more drama film performing instrumental undergraduate undergraduate undergraduate drama film director of opera director of theatre and film director of undergraduate undergraduate drama literature of film and television drama literature undergraduate international cultural exchange undergraduate drama film and television art design undergraduate drama stage design stage lighting design undergraduate make-up styling design undergraduate clothing and apparel design undergraduate drama clothing design animation Undergraduate undergraduate painting visual communication design visual communication design in digital media art, Digital Media Arts College (source: parents Tian Zejiao art finishing) — — — — — — Sina arts professional help art students dream of micro-blog: WeChat search: old driver @ art art circle parents (sinayikao cooperative submission: xinlangyikao@sina)相关的主题文章: