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UnCategorized The reverse mortgage lender process is easy, when you think it with a .mon sense. It is even easier, than to buy a car, because these prices fluctuate a lot. Every single reverse mortgage lender lives in a tough .petition and tries to fish as many customers as possible. There is your chance. This article presents a system, where you make the reverse mortgage lenders to fight for your deal. You will use the low mortgage market to drive the price to a low level with the help of the reverse mortgage counselor. That sounds cold and that what it is. You just have to play with the market rupes. It sounds a little bit funny, but the lenders have special offers with which they try to boost their sales. If a senior has time and effort, he can utilize these to find even better deal. Some of the offers are short term ones, so you have to make a quick decision. 1. The Reverse Mortgage Counselor Can Help You To Write The Detailed Content For The Offer.. There is one big challenge. You have to get offers from the lenders, which are easy to .pare. You can solve this problem by asking the offers for a certain details and background information. These are details, which you cannot know, so you have to ask help from the counselor. 2. Get Offers From Around 20 Lenders. How to get the lender names for the first list? The target is to make a list of 20 lenders, which all are reputable, long term .panies in this sector. The referrals from the counselor, the relatives, other seniors, bank managers and from the industry magazines help a lot. The idea is to ask an offer from each on this list with the same background information to make it possible to .pare them. 3. Cut The Lender List Down To 5. When the offers have arrived, it is the time to start to .pare them. Now you need a help from the counselor, because only he can judge, what is the value of some detail .pared to another one. The target is to cut the list down to five best ones. You can either to ask, if they can generally make the terms better, or you can suggest certain points, which they should improve to get the deal. 4. Make The Best 2 To Fight Against Each Other. When the answers have arrived, it is the time to cut the list down to the 2 best ones. These are the finalists, which will fight for your deal. Ask from the second best, could they improve these certain points, because if they can, they will get the deal. If they cannot, you will pick the one, which offered the best deal. Use again the counselor, because there are some tough details to decide. 5. The Loan Length Multiplies The Savings. It is a known fact, that there are substantial differences between the lenders as to the prices. A smart borrower can save thousands, because the loan running time is usually quite long. The secret is to understand, that there is no fixed prices, but the prices fluctuate a lot and the lenders have special offers, which can offer the best deals. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: