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A Jiao "dinner" admit to married: so far no one wants to marry me "A Jiao" on the young A Jiao dinner notice: go talk about feelings: want to get married! Joey Yung. "I am a singer" unfair Tencent entertainment news by the media and video mewe Tencent jointly produced "temptation" dinner tonight will be on the line, Joey Yung and A Jiao two goddess figure struck, and Ma Dong and to generation class mothers Alyssa Chia talk about marriage and love. From the United States to the goddess A Jiao in "dinner" on the money for love has no expectation, it is the pursuit of a "marry, not a boyfriend, A Jiao also lists several future husband standards, that has been waiting for, but still did not have a suitable candidate. A Jiao don’t love to marry the future husband can not be ugly this "dinner" in Joey Yung, Alyssa Chia, Qi A Jiao three "Cougar goddess", Ma Dong became friends of women, four talk about love and marriage. Alyssa Chia pregnant with a happy marriage with Shiou, and she also has a stable object of love, only the scene is still single, still far away from the marriage of the marriage, but also in the field of marriage, the marriage of the people in the world is not a long time, but also has a good marriage with the marriage of the people of the world, and now she is still in love with the marriage of a happy marriage, and. Immersed in the happiness of Alyssa Chia in the "dinner" talk to the "love" between the bestie topic, the thought that A Jiao would like a teenager as full of expectations about love, did not think A Jiao has revealed the between words of love to. After the emotional trauma, A Jiao said he now simply do not want to fall in love, but want to get married; now she is sincere expression is the pursuit of a "marry", rather than "boyfriend". For her future husband, A Jiao heart also has standard to respect her, love him, also want to filial piety, and "not too ugly", because we want to be able to give birth to a beautiful baby. Joey Yung A Jiao: "don’t worry" she is going to get happiness. Although the desire for marriage, but A Jiao for their marriage is very cautious. Ma Dong asked A Jiao, if a man said to you that you love you, would like to marry you, ask you for a chance to fall in love, you will be touched? A Jiao’s answer is decisive: not necessarily. In A Jiao seems, a boy in the pursuit of their own process, there will be a lot of commitment, but many may not be able to achieve. It can be seen that the goddess A Jiao has really been in love, tired, do not love, just want to find the person who accompanied his life. In the end, A Jiao was disappointed to say "now no one said to marry me", this let Joey Yung heart bestie moment is not the taste, trying to comfort: "I never worry because her face is delicate, seems to be happy, even has always been digging is known as the Ma Dong, also. A Jiao: a soft blessing will show people queuing. In addition to love and marriage, people playing werewolf, Joey Yung released domineering true, A Jiao has shown little clever women, the final victory will fall into whose hands? Please look forward to every Sunday night at eight Tencent VOD on-line, every Saturday night at half past eight at the dinner Betta live on-line "temptation"!相关的主题文章: