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The debt to equity swap into A shares the largest outlet: six segments when the swaps don’t disk access man – Sohu securities             today on two and debt to equity piece is completely fire! "Brother is not on the recent credit card, call the Credit Card Center, I said I didn’t agree with their debt to equity! Do you implement the central policy?" The magic of the big A shares, debt can limit, the more poor the more glorious!" Debt to equity swap and PPP these days on the market the most shining star. Although only in the consultation stage, but the debt set off has not a general small climax: Hyde shares, Tianjin spring, XinDa, real estate, hang teeth forward Qinchuan machine, Fujian electric power, a shares, Chongqing water trading group, is the concept of debt. So the question is very much: this wave of this wave of debt rose continuously? What debt stocks can be shocks haven? How to profit? How to participate will not become the next disk man? Look at these six categories of debt to equity shares to benefit from the six kinds of debt for equity swap benefit shares to subdivide these six categories, including the concept of AMC, the debt to equity swap schemes approved related stocks, banking stocks, cyclical stocks leading the industry, shares of AMC stock, debt equity swap program approved related stocks. The first category is the concept of AMC. As one of the main body involved in the disposal of non-performing assets of AMC (Asset Management Co), push the debt to equity swap policy in force under the background, related stocks much market attention. According to the securities Chinese reporter rough statistics, at present the city of Shenzhen two AMC stocks include: Hyde shares, Zhejiang Oriental, Shaanxi International Trust A, Tianjin spring, Chongqing water, real estate XinDa, TEDA shares, Fujian electric power, LaSalle bank, these stocks rose this week in different degrees. Hyde shares is my head AMC concept, has three consecutive trading days. It is understood that Hyde shares of A stock market is the only one with the AMC license of private listed companies, in February this year, shareholders approved the company’s shares will increase 13.06 yuan is not more than 368 million shares, raising not more than 4 billion 800 million yuan for the replenishment of information management, the establishment of relevant Hyde to repay the loan capital Hyde tube. The proceeds of 3 billion 800 million yuan, will be used to increase the company intends to set up a wholly owned subsidiary of Hyde information management, in order to carry out the non-performing asset management business. In July this year, the company obtained the approval documents for the establishment of information management, information management in government, agreed to Hyde Tibet autonomous region within the scope of non-performing assets of financial enterprises of the batch purchasing and handling business. The evening of October 11th Hyde shares announcement that the company is a subsidiary of the sea? Asset Management Company Limited received the CBRC issued a notice, from the date of issuance of the notification, in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and the "financial enterprise of bulk transfer of non-performing assets management measures" provisions, to the sea? Asset management limited bulk transfer of non-performing assets. Stimulated by the news, 12, Hyde shares opened sealed limit. As of today’s close, has been closed for three consecutive trading days to close. Shenwan Hong of the unit to maintain a "buy" rating;相关的主题文章: