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A day cool autumn fat: the grain fed hanging pot duck – Sohu and the order "[] the water ducks, followed by several rounds of cold air, so that the original is not willing to exit after summer, completely disappeared. The coolness of autumn in full swing, the temperature fell to eight or nine degrees at the beginning of the month, Changsha winter spring not only verify the facts again. To have the autumn, raising fat goes in autumn fat is to deal with the coming winter, reserve some fat can better keep warm. After all, winter in the south to the North frozen dog, that is not under wet heating. Autumn fat duck Dongting Lake Valley delicacy in the vast waters, rich waterfowl, here is a shock a duck. He also belongs to the Dongting Lake duck lake, and then back to the ingredients cause of Dongting lake. A year after the harvest is to eat the duck good season, because the harvest time comes, there will be a lot of grain fields will fall. Experienced duck will groom drove ducks into the field of food. There are for a month ", so this season with" fat duck president. With the field there are a variety of earthworms, insects, fish and ducks are her favorite, duck fat this season of pure natural stocking of tender, the most appropriate autumn fat family support. Duck duck: the secret delicacy is rich in protein, vitamin B family, E, and iron, copper, zinc and other trace elements, with stomach nourishing yin and clear heat, and water swelling effect, very suitable for autumn fat. The edible duck meat is suitable for malnutrition, body heat, fire and edema, especially fever, weakness, anorexia, women’s menstrual less, indigestion, diabetes and other people. Today the delicacy of grain fed duck duck hanging pot before continuing health route, using diet cooking, with green and red pepper (to enhance the spicy smell), without any other auxiliary material to add more prominent duck lifecommunication. Seemingly simple cooking, in fact, in the details of the details of the highlights of culinary cooking. The duck is soft and tender just a little spicy, very much in line with local tastes. The wobble is very important, must be according to the size of duck duck placed upright, two wings, legs, then, is actually a whole duck, is quite enough for the whole family to enjoy. A selection of young adult duck duck ingredients, it is worth emphasizing that is a whole duck with a pot of rhythm, double eleven day anniversary price: 88 yuan (including half off selected recharge system! Don’t miss it. Chowhound dining out principle: do not point too many people go looking for homely delicacy delicacy, in fact or in order to reward their taste buds, such as some "green pepper pork" such Home Dishes, although Hunan were the first large, but already homely general food to live, how can the pursuit of chowhound. To eat to eat at home is not suitable for cooking or usually difficult to eat. The most critical is because we ourselves do not the taste, now, such as the U.S. group, Alipay reputation of payment discount, make dining threshold becomes lower, consumption is more transparent, if encountered this anniversary period, it would be more Shuangwai, miss this year, we will have to wait a year. Behind the mysterious Fei Yaxuan: delicacy thing today with the most Changsha new food delicacy "column on the tongue Changsha yo相关的主题文章: