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9999 yuan Wang Shi same phone! Hand – made appearance, to ensure information security – Sohu science and technology filed a business phone, we first associate is the high-end atmosphere, low-key luxury, more secure services to business people. Not long ago, the release of 8848 titanium gold phone M3 believe that many small partners have heard, and today you will be a very good fruit chat. M3 take the time as the theme, pioneered the high-end watch elements into mobile phone design, through the back movement design is one of the highlights of the most unique appearance, more recognition, more noble taste. Mobile phone frame with handmade medieval European aesthetic "Paris nail pattern", is made of 5 titanium alloys using Swiss watches, hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance are improved. Make the whole mobile phone more durable. Fuselage leather also manual fit, the use of luxury leather supplier ECCO provides the first layer of calf leather, feel more comfortable. Back dial, lens and flash cover sapphire glass. Mobile phone design is inspired by the Mount Everest sharp peaks, the angular, including every key to cutting grinding, fine angular design into a mobile phone, the mobile phone has seen a more hardcore aesthetics. The phone has a standard system and security system, and the dual system can be a key switch. Full featured security system also has a complete smartphone operating experience, and carried out a comprehensive encryption to protect privacy. A cell phone is equivalent to two smart phones, so that work and life without interference. Mobile phone has exclusive private line encrypted calls, make the call process more secure. At the same time can hide the calling number, does not keep the call records. In addition, the unique call housekeeper function, through the big data cloud services to prevent harassment. More in line with the needs of business people call. Cell phone using SHARP 1080P 5 inch retina screen. Equipped with Qualcomm 8 core processor, 4GB running memory and 128GB internal storage. This configuration is sufficient to meet business needs. 4G full CNC system, based on Android 6 to build the titanium OS system, UI interface and the appearance of the phone integration. Front 5 million camera. Rear SONY 21 million camera, optical anti shake, PDCA focus. Simple, easy to use. Equipped with 3200mAh battery, and support fast charging technology. ————–END———— want it? I send you ah! Here are 8848 titanium gold phone M3 free! Fee! Send! Get 1 open WeChat, search and pay attention to the public number: extreme fruit nets 2 reply Keywords: mobile phone相关的主题文章: