7 Principles Of Highly Effective Online Marketing-jessica rabbit

Marketing So what are the ways a marketer can make his sites click friendly and in turn GBerate sales? It is a mix of many strategies that will make his website user and search e-ngine friendly. Seven most important principles to follow are: Creating Title Tags Title tags help not only in ensuring proper visibility of the website in search engines but also influences the users’ actions (click, move away). A title tag appears in the search result link. Hence, it should contain the keywords that will influence the user to click on the link. It should have carefully chosen keywords from within the web pages on the website. Ideally each webpage should have its own title. Content The content forms the base of the entire online marketing strategy. A keyword rich content helps in better search engine rankings. The content should be concise and informative. A well structured content with .prehensive information on the product and related areas will help the user in easy decision making, thus ensuring a better conversion ratio (number of visits to actual sales). A visually appealing content influences the decision making of the user. The content should be relevant to the segment which is being targeted for the product. The frequency of content update too helps in attracting traffic as all search engines love frequently updated content. Links High quality back links are a good way to attract traffic to a website. These back links need to be from sources which have a standing in the online world. That helps in attaching a tag of authority to the website. Links should also be submitted to directories like Yahoo. This again helps in increasing the online visibility of the website. Code and Text Spiders don’t recognize images, flash and media files. While writing the code, a writer should make as much use of HTML as possible and enrich the page with text rather than images. Spiders love text and HTML. Website Architecture Well laid site architecture helps both the spider and the user. Spiders love the website if it has a clear site map and is properly indexed. This helps the spider in easy movement. Sitemap also helps the user in easy navigation. Collaterals Along with a good website, a marketer should also have a sellable bouquet of marketing collaterals. The thumb rule of marketing is that what appeals is what sells. A good bundle of collaterals which includes banners, blogs, press releases and emails should be used in order to mark the websites presence in all channels available. In a world of cut throat .petition, every means of .munication ignored is like an opportunity lost. So don’t f.et to write blogs, press releases, emails and banners. Technology No one in this world likes outdated technologies. A marketer has to keep this in mind while deciding on the technologies to be used. Slow servers, broken links, long downtime and shady payment gateways take the users away from the website. Use of the best technologies available ensures increase in traffic. Use of these seven principles ensures that the marketer has a winning strategy for the website. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: