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The 7 year old cut 2 roommates after Dutch act has been accused of not actively engage in new network health – Guangzhou daily Qingyuan news (reporter Cao Jing) reporter yesterday from Yangshan County Ling Bei town homes to the hospital the day before, a 79 year old man five households in case there is no sign of a knife cut several roommates died. Currently, the case is still under investigation. "The incident that morning, I sat on the steps of the nursing home, head suddenly being slashed." The 69 year old pan Bo pointed to the head of a big wound, early in the morning of August 20th, a feature not to utter a single word Kanxiang own all of a sudden, blood red collar. Subsequently, another live with a suite of 72 year old man was chopped his head. Vice president of boiling water is heard cries for help, immediately came, and then contact the vehicle, the injured were taken to hospital, but fortunately, timely treatment from the danger of life. It is reported that the alleged perpetrators of the appearance of a pan Bo and other 3 elderly people live in nursing homes, a 4 suite. The police rushed to the scene after receiving the report, but found that the appearance of a has locked himself in the room. No response after repeated persuasion, the police station the police finally broke into the house, but found that the suspect has been lying on the ground, vomit mouth, scattered around a kitchen knife, and pesticide bottles. Medical personnel arrived at the scene, confirmed that 79 year old appearance has died. The police preliminary judgment he is drinking pesticide Dutch act, the specific cause of death has yet to test results. The nursing home responsible person said, here are 34 elderly childless five households, in addition to a profile withdrawn, unsocial, no other abnormal. Panber believes that the appearance of a stay since because health is not active, has been accused of other roommates, he suspected that the appearance of a attack with it.相关的主题文章: