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UnCategorized An important element of the science of achievement is the need to celebrate our successes. It\’s also one that\’s easily ignored and even contradicted. The problem for many of us is that we never quite feel successful because as soon as we reach one goal or pass a certain milestone, we\’re already going after the next one. Too often we don\’t stop to revel in the feeling of ac.plishment. We\’re too focused on the next rung of the ladder that\’s if we\’ve even noticed we\’ve moved up another rung. I\’m not advocating resting on our laurels. I\’m suggesting we truly experience the joy that .es from seeing our progress and ac.plishing our objectives. I\’ve recently .pleted my eBook, Strategies for Success. I started it over a year ago and because of a number of things that happened too personal, boring or mundane to mention I didn\’t finish until now. It feels great to have it done, and I\’m getting lots of accolades from people I respect and admire. It\’s a good book. An easy read both entertaining and informative. I hope you take advantage of it. But I find it a little too easy for me to look at how long it took and how far behind I am in my other projects. I already see ways I could have done it better. In doing so, I take away from my satisfaction my sense of ac.plishment and joy. And I know I\’m not alone in this process. The people I interview and coach share that they do the same thing. No job seems good enough. No achievement is great enough. It\’s the wrong focus. When we do this, we\’re being ungrateful we\’re thwarting abundance. We can always see ways we could have done it better or faster. But the truth is we did it. In my case, having published a book is clearly a milestone something millions of people aspire to and yet only a few thousand actually achieve. I\’m going to celebrate it. I\’m going to mark it as the high point that it is in my life, and I\’m going to start creating the next one. I\’m going to indulge myself in feelings of triumph and success, and I\’m going to thumb my nose at the natural tendency to disparage my work or myself. What ac.plishment can you celebrate? What milestones can you highlight or acknowledge? Your last promotion? Helping someone through a tough time? Winning that new contract? Losing those five pounds? Giving that presentation? When we do these things, it anchors positive feelings into our consciousness and prepares us for more of the same. Like attracts like and our feelings are powerful mag.s indeed. I keep a WIN LIST as part of my Sacred Life Book. I find that listing the wins in my life big and small is more than therapeutic. And it\’s a real pick-me-up to review the good things that have happened to me as well as the things I\’ve made happen. It keeps me grateful and it keeps me focused on the good stuff. Celebrating our successes employs a universal law: when we appreciate what we have and what we\’ve done, we find ourselves having more to appreciate. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: