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Reference-and-Education On .pleting the IBM Lotus Notes & Domino Sales Mastery Test V1, you will be recognized as an expert of Lotus Notes & Domino Solution Sales Specialist application. In contrast to other IBM mastery examinations, candidates are given two shots at the test. What this means is that, you can attempt the IBM 00M-198 test even after failing on the first attempt. However, should you fail to pass the exam even after being provided with two chances, you will be required to take a three month break before you can be given another shot at the exam. By virtue of being provided with two chances to pass the IBM 00M-198 exam, it shows that this mastery exam is demanding. Therefore, it is important that candidates take their time in preparing for the exam prior to registering for the actual exam. You need to make certain that you have acquired the theoretical and technical skills examined in this exam. Passing the IBM Lotus & Domino Sales Mastery Exam does not mean that your sales education ought to end there. IBM urges every person who has chosen sales and marketing as there preferred career path to boost their skills and knowledge by continually attending roundtables, teleconferences in addition to carrying on with self-paced studies. Test Information The IBM 000 198 has been specially designed to target persons who are already in the sales and marketing team. Remember that the course assumes that you have already acquired some basic knowledge and experience regarding Lotus Products. This proctored mastery examination covers a total of 50 questions that all candidates have to attempt. The time allotted for the .pletion of the exam is 90 minutes. The minimum score needed in order to get a certificate is 74%. The test is only examinable in English. Benefits of the IBM Lotus & Domino Sales Mastery Examination The following are some of the benefits that you have to gain by passing the IBM Lots & Domino Sales Mastery Test: -Excelling in the mastery examination enables you to make positive steps towards attaining membership in Premier PartneWorld. -Upon attaining the minimum score and being awarded with a certificate, you will be entitled to utilize the Lotus Notes & Domino Solution Sales Specialist in your business card. -Excelling in the examination shows that you have the skills and knowledge required in dealing with IBM Lotus products and solutions. This in turn opens you up to a world of opportunities as many employers will be after your skills. -Monetary benefit is another reason for doing this mastery test. Since most employers will be after your skills, you .pany will be more than willing to pay top dollar to retain your services. Training Resources Online training resources are designed to prepare you for the actual exam. While there are numerous online training resources available, not all of them can provide you with the skills and knowledge required to pass the examination. When looking for a reputable an online training resource, check that: -It provides 24/7 technical support. -It offers a review of the real exam. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: