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Small Business These days professionals spend a majority of their waking hours at their workplace. The office is like a second home to them. Secondly, most employees have such a work profile where they are required to be seated at one place for as long as eight hours. In such a scenario, office chairs plays an extremely important role in the day to day functioning of professional. Another way to look at the importance of office chairs , office desks and other official furniture is the kind of impression that they portray about the .pany on existing and prospective clients as well as visitors. In the cut throat corporate scenario, even the smallest detail can make or break an important business deal and affect the .pany’s market reputation and client base. If the .pany has a reasonably good turnover, but the office chairs and furniture are old, broken and un.fortable, then it reflects lack of professionalism and a miserly attitude on the .pany’s part. It also mirrors the fact that the .pany does not value its employees and human resource, and hence is insensitive to issues related to the employees’ .fort. If the .pany cares about its employees, then the employee too develops a sense of loyalty for the .pany. This may also give out wrong messages about the .pany’s credibility to the clients. It is not necessary that the .pany has to change their office desks and other furniture every season or every year. The office furniture also need not be extremely costly and ornamental. It can be simple, graceful and aesthetic, along with being reasonably priced. Two very important aspects are to be kept in mind while choosing office chairs and desks. Firstly that they must be .fortable, especially for a person who has to be seated on it for a minimum of eight hours. If the employee feels .fortable while working, his efficiency and productivity automatically go up. Secondly they must be stylish to look at, though not necessarily costly, in keeping with the image of the .pany. Office chairs need to be a .bination of .fort and style. It is extremely important not to .promise on these two aspects while selecting office furniture, because these factors may seem in consequential, but may have a long term effect on the .pany’s reputation and fortune. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: