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Certification-Tests I dont usually use this space to talk directly about work, but when, as a company, weve done something to be proud of, I think shouting about it is exactly what we should be doing! Evidential Learning has just become one of only five Joomla LMS Gold Partners in the world, and the only one in the whole of the United Kingdom. What does this mean, you may well ask? Well it means a lot on different levels. In practical terms, it means that as an e-learning systems provider, we have been recognized as a highly experienced company who are providing complex e-learning solutions based on Jooomla LMS to a high number of large and medium sized projects confirming an advanced level of effective marketing and advertising campaigns that have afforded us advanced customer relations. All this is something we are obviously extremely excited about, but in the long-term, what is even more exciting is that we are proving that our concept is one that people are using and liking. Evidentials e-learning systems are all about exactly that being evidential. They provide an employer with the confidence that their staff are receiving and completing the training that they are providing and which they need. Our unique brand of e-learning solutions are also ensuring that anybody who takes part in our training courses can do so at a pace that they feel happy with. The benefit of working at your own speed and being able to pause, review or repeat any part of your course until you are confident that you have understood the content goes to the heart of Evidential Learnings philosophy that e-learning systems can create an environment where anybody and everybody will be able to educate, train or learn without the pressures that result from being put in a classroom situation. Lets face it taking up something new can be hard enough as it is the older you get, (trust me, I know!) but it is often made even harder by the possibility that if you were to ask questions in class, you might be made to feel a fool. Put all this together with the cost reality check and it is almost a no-brainer that e-learning systems are and will continue to be, the way forward for so many companies, institutions and services to provide affordable, tailored training to their staff, students or members. The possibility of providing ten courses for up to one hundred people for less than 10,000 is good news for all and will hopefully allow people to think differently about how they invest in training. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: