Fiinovation Reviews Warmer Winters & Food Security -特命战队go busters

Business Fiinovation reviews that experts and farmers are continuously reviewing the warmer temperatures during winter across India. It can be observed that since mid-October the hills in India have been unusually hotter than ever. There is no rain, not much snowfall and not much chilling for the winter crops to grow. It is believed that temperatures ranging between a daily minimum of zero degree celsius and a maximum of below 15 degree celsius is ideal for winter crops. Whereas, the temperatures in Shimla these days are above 20 degrees during day time and around 7 degrees at night which is harmful for crops. Fiinovation reviews the temperature in the hills is more like Delhi, Chandigarh and other parts of the plains. The situation is same in Mahabaleshwar and other places where the farmers are facing loss of crops because of this winter. Not only this the entire Indo-Gangetic plain is experiencing adverse effects of the winter on rabi crops. As per Agriculture Ministry, the wheat productivity is likely to decline for the second year in a row with sown area till December-end lagging by 2 hectares from last year. The situation is simlar when .es to Rice, pulses and oil seeds. The impact of global warming is significant and this year is warmer than normal not only in the hills but in the plains as well. The capital had a not so cold New Year’s Eve at 25 degrees making it the hottest on record. Fiinovation reviews that the average temperature has increase by more than 0.5 degrees and the maximum temperatures has also been on the higher side. The Western Disturbance that brings winter rain and coolness to the northern region is not very strong which means there won’t be much cooling or rainfall. Fiinovation understands that majority of the cities globally have experienced decline of cold waves over the years. However, there is no need to panic and we have a lot of work that we still can do to prevent the warming. Considering the experts view that it might be the El Nino which occurs every two to seven years lasting for nine months to a year affects weather systems across the world. Therefore, there is need to wait and watch and prepare ourselves for the worse. Fiinovation believes this makes the efforts towards preservation and conservation of environment all the more important in our day to day lives. It is to be understood that its not only the job of the government but by constitution we are bound to preserve the natural heritage of the country. Every individual can put in small efforts starting preserving electricity to harvesting water. The corporations which are responsible for much of the exploitation around the world must ensure that through corporate social responsibility initiatives they maintain a give and take relationship with nature. Through CSR environment programmes the corporations can help fund activities reducing risks of #climatechange. By Rahul Choudhury Media & .munications, Fiinovation About the Author: 相关的主题文章: