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Organizing In the world over, the family is the basic and fundamental institution where life is nurtured, virtues imparted and the society grows and is as it is because of the family. It is by creating a family environment in every scenario possible and at any opportunity that relief India trust is able to reach out to the millions of children who need identity and belonging. These children are from abusive families, others broken due to a myriad of reasons, others were abandoned at birth and the real source of their despair and hopelessness is lack of parental care. Every month it is a norm for the relief India trust family to come together and bring warmth to the children under its care. Birthday celebrations are in order for the children whose birthdays fall in those respective months. At every such celebration it is evident of the joy and happiness brought to these innocent lives that find themselves in these circumstances of sorrow and loneliness. All the cares are forgotten and the true faces of the little angels are made plain to see. This is an inspiration for the organization to make more of these celebrations. A family inculcates religious values to its members. As a family that pray together stay together, the organization in putting these children in a family setting enables spiritual growth. This is the only way that hearts can be healed and lives changed, as out of the heart are the issues of life. In spiritual stability also mental stability is realized and life is given meaning. From this, an all round individual is brought to the society. Mutual respect and the importance of the value in the next person is an important ingredient for a strong society. Once a child is raised in a family setting, they are able to appreciate one another, appreciating the others strength and being there in their weaknesses. It helps to have unity and one accord in facing the challenges in life. This a core value relief India trust aims to see cultivated in the children that come through the organizations caring and loving hands. A person given to charity must first start at home. This would be at loss to those children who are homeless in the streets. In giving them a roof and warm food, they realize that suffering is not the norm in life. In knowing this they would also aspire to end the suffering in others they may encounter in later life. Thus the flame of charity is lit through the family that is this organization. Responsibility is a practical virtue that can only be learned by doing. Many other virtues are thus learned. In imparting these virtues the children grow to be better entities of the society. Relief India trust also plays a part in the prevention of family integration. Poverty, disease, drug abuse and disability are some of the reasons that families break down. By giving people a chance at life through job provision, giving medical care and rehabilitation the organization is at the forefront in making sure families do not break. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: