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The ‘beast’ Is Back – Delivers 480tb Of Highly Efficient Storage In A Standard 4u Rack Posted By: PRP SANTA CLARA, Calif, February 17, 2016 – Nexsan, a global leader in secure storage, backup and data management solutions, today announced the next-generation Nexsan BEAST storage array. This practical, accessible, cost optimized storage workhorse has been engineered to deliver superior reliability, availability and energy efficiency along with storage density that enables 60 drives, or 480TB, in a standard 4U rack, expandable up to 4.8PB in a 42U rack. The latest generation of the well-known Nexsan SATABeast-branded storage array, the new Nexsan BEAST delivers up to 85% power reduction through the use of AutoMaid® disk management technology. This reduces operational expenses and extends the overall life of the system, both conserving energy while optimizing performance. Designed to accommodate 3.5-inch SATA drives in a dense space, Nexsan BEAST systems don’t require the use of extended racks. Innovative mechanical design, including Cool Drive Technology and anti-vibration design, significantly reduces heat and head vibration in the unit for improved system reliability and performance. Nexsan BEAST systems are also fully redundant with hot swappable components including controllers, hard-disk drives, power supplies and fans.

data management solutions Back Up Your Entire Drive With Disk Image Software Posted By: Ed Robinson No matter how reliable you think your computer might be, it would be tempting fate to assume that nothing can ever go wrong, leading to the loss of important data. System failures that leave you with corrupted files or storage devices or a computer that simply refuses to boot can happen for all sorts of reasons, so it is wise to always make sure you are prepared. There are many ways of backing up your files, but none are more thorough than making a complete byte-by-byte copy of your entire hard disk. This disk imaging method of backup will ensure that absolutely all of your data is kept safe, and there is no chance of missing anything that might turn out important once it is too late. Active@ Disk Image provides a wide range of features and excellent ease of use to help you keep all of your data safe. An ideal solution for both home and business use, its user-friendly interface requires little explanation thanks to an intuitive design. It offers users two methods of backing up the entire contents of your hard disk or any other digital storage media, such as flash disks and external hard drives.

disk image software Finding Effective Systems For Windows 8 Posted By: Shana Angas Significant media coverage on Windows 8 may not be a good thing for Microsoft, as it can cause current Windows XP and Vista users to delay their upgrade plan until 2012. Zend PHP 5 Certification: Zend PHP5 is an entry-level certification specifically designed to certify foundation skills required for web development and programming. Perhaps what is most hated about Windows 8 is its missing the start menu. Check out my blog for this and more great articles. Be aware of the options in terms of repairing materials in the home’s walls and ceilings. Click Start , Run , and type the following into the Open field: regedit. Some of the existing DOS-based disk management utility (such as tools to eliminate disk fragmentation, disk editor, and some bit disk backup software) processing FAT table entry may undermine the FAT table of the long file name entry However, the corresponding 8. It is easy and usually takes less than a few minutes. If your window has a window stay with holes and you want to secure your windows in the open position for purposes of ventilation, replace the peg on which the window stay normally fits with a casement stay lock.

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IT support in Sacramento. Get Agentless Backup Solution Service Provider For The Success Of Your Business Posted By: Eric Tchorz Do you want cloud back up services? With the right solutions organizations are empowered which helps the businesses to blossom. Among the various companies in the market Infinity Consulting Technology is one of the only agentless backup solution service provider. The company offers Aegis cloud backup services which are known for starting agentless backup. The company offers AEGIS backup solutions for private and public clouds. Infinity Consulting Technology provides subscription based services for clients who desire to purchase backup services. Aegis is capable of backing up your important data to a safe off-site location on a pay as grow policy. This backup solution leverages on the finest elements of backup services such as efficiency to provide the most feature-rich, affordable online backup for data and quick recovery of data service, which is simple to install and use. This Cloud Services Providers lets you do a secure and automated backup for all your important data to a multi-tenant infrastructure for backup which is hosted in cloud. Customers can get the ultimate in integrated desktop and laptop backup and security. This solution will ensure complete corporate control. Self-service recovery and worry-free back up will promote complete independence.
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iscsi san storage Keep Your Data Safe With Disk Image Software Posted By: Ed Robinson It is very important to ensure that your system is properly backed up and that all of your personal files and folders are kept safe. There are many different ways you can back up your files, but there is no more thorough way than using disk image software. Active@ Disk Image is one of the world’s leading disk image backup solutions. It thoroughly records a complete image of your hard disk or any other media that you want to back up, providing you with a safe and secure backup whenever you need it. It also works with optical media or external drives such as USB pen drives and digital memory cards. The disk image, once created, is a byte-by-byte copy of the media being backed up. You can store this anywhere you like, provided that there is enough disk space. In the event of a computer hardware failure or other cause of data loss, you always have the disk image to fall back on. Active@ Disk Image is a powerful tool offering a wide range of useful features and a user-friendly interface that does not require any expertise to use.

copy partition disk image software Stonefly 365vault Vault 1000r Posted By: Pradeep Jagan For all those who are looking out for a single appliance which can act as a storage and backup, Stonefly 365Vault offers a unique appliance which acts as a disk to disk backup and restore and that too with a quick and secured access to data. The company Stonefly is in the business of offering storage solutions from the past decade and more and is said to have bagged immense recognition and awards from the storage industry. The company which is based in California is a business wing of Dynamic Network Factory and has introduced 365Vault which is data backup software. Based on this 365Vault data backup software is its storage and backup appliances and one such appliance is Vault 1000R. 365Vault appliance Vault 1000R is a system which is offered with maximum storage capacity of 2TB and so there will be a sufficient storage space for a SMB or a newly established enterprise which has prospects to become a large business in future. Going through the main highlights Vault 1000R is having a network connectivity which is made possible by a Dual Gigabit Ethernet Port. It supports iSCSI and NAS storage types i.e.

Enterprise Backup Stonefly Voyager Fc Ip San Posted By: Pradeep Jagan StoneFly which is a business subsidiary of Dynamic Network Factory is a company which offers storage solutions for small to large scale businesses since a decade and more. StoneFly Voyager FC virtualized IP SAN is one such solution, which offers high redundancy, scalability, availability and performance and delivers high end storage solutions. It offers the flexibility of offering a small scale storage which can expand to 100s of TB if the need arises, in an enterprise. The Voyager FC is designed for enterprise environments which are in a look out for high availability applications associated storage appliances. StoneFly Voyager FC IP SAN offers work functions such as online transaction, database processing, email, disk based archives, disk 2 disk backup and support to other such applications. Voyager FC IP SAN is offered with the award winning Stone Fusion IP Operating System and has a latest StoneFly Storage Concentrator with multi core parallel processing power. Moreover, this storage appliance offers cost effective expansion via optional expansion units. In order to guestimate the features of Voyager FC IP SAN let us go through its features in detail. This intelligent storage appliance is driven by Stone Fusion Operating System.

ISCSI Technology 365vault Enterprise Edition Storage Appliance Vault 2000t-4 Posted By: Pradeep Jagan StoneFly a business entity of DNF Corp has once again proved that, it is the best storage vendor, as it offers excellent storage and backup solutions for enterprises. It already proved its brilliance by offering 365Vault backup software, which is specifically customized for the enterprise environments. StoneFly not only offers backup software, but also an appliance which is driven by this software, to make it into a unified storage and backup appliance. This a 2U rack mount backup appliance which offers all disk-to- disk backup and restoration, through an immediate and secured data access. 365Vault Enterprise edition storage appliances are based on three models out of which Vault 2000T-4 is one. The other two models are Vault 2000T and Vault 3000T. In this article, let us go through the features of Vault 2000T-4. Going through the features of Vault 2000T-4 features in detail, this storage appliance has a maximum storage capacity of 8TB and has a network connectivity which is offered by its dual gigabit Ethernet ports. The storage type offered by this enterprise edition storage appliance is iSCSI and NAS combination. The disk types used in this storage system are SATA III which has 6GB/ second IOPS rates.

Enterprise Backup Stonefly Voyager Tsc Ip San Posted By: Pradeep Jagan Dynamic Network factory is a storage networking company, which is in the business since 2000. StoneFly is a business subsidiary of this company which is located in California and offers IP Storage and data protection enabled products to departments, companies and enterprise organizations. This company offers IP SAN products, which have gained a lot of popularity among the small and mid size businesses. For this reason, it has bagged number of awards from globally renowned storage magazines like CRN, for its innovation driven storage products. One among the IP SAN product happens to be StoneFly Voyager TSC series, which is a virtualized IP SAN appliance available with enhanced redundancy, scalability and performance driven availability. Stone Fusion operating system acts as a nucleus of this storage system. StoneFly Stone Fusion is specially designed to offer DR solution as well as it acts as a complete storage related operating system. So, Voyager TSC IP SAN presented by StoneFly is a highly featured redundant IP SAN which has unprecedented performance in a small footprint. In order to review this storage appliance, let us go through its features in detail.

Data Protection Stonefly Storage And Server Virtualization Solutions Posted By: Pradeep Jagan StoneFly, which is a subsidiary of Dynamic Network factory, offers storage virtualization and server virtualization related solutions, for companies which are looking out for increase in the efficiency and management of their data center or IT infrastructure. StoneFly solutions are easy to use, redundant, high performance oriented and are pioneered with iSCSI and IP SAN technology. StoneFly offers an intelligent storage which has been centralized into Storage Area Network. It offers advanced services of storage which facilitate high utilization of the available storage space and also eliminates the underutilized disk resources, making it perfect for future aspects. DNF backed StoneFly IP SAN products support VMware virtualization platform and so are certified to be used with built in software. This includes iSCSI initiator for ESX server and the vSphere platform. Dynamic network factory backed StoneFly offers support to its Citrix XenServer Platform through its IP SAN products. At the same time it offers compatibility to open source Hypervisor, which is XenServer version 3.5 and above. DNF StoneFly offers data continuity solutions with help of SCVM certified of hosting partners through a wide variety of features.

Storage Calculator Remote Server Backup To Meet Vm Backup Requirements Posted By: Jenifer Sahn Backing up server (computers, various server programs and other applications) is essential in order to maintain business continuity. And given the needs and scope of the IT today, remote server backup for virtual setup is becoming increasingly important. Companies are deploying virtual servers into their IT environment and so it is in important to design and implement a disaster recovery plan for virtual environment. Remote server backup tools for virtual environment There are several options available in the market when it comes to backing up virtual servers, but when choosing a third party tool for remote server backup, it is important o pick a tool which can differentiate between a physical and virtualized environment. A virtual machine (VM) exists as an image file on a physical server, housing the OS with configuration settings, applications and the corresponding data. Say if a VM file is allotted 200GB on the hard drive and only 100GB is used, the virtual server backup will recognize it as a VM file and will back up only that 100GB of data in contrast to a traditional backup tool, which would back it up as a 200GB file.

server backup Backup Your System With Disk Image Software Posted By: Ed Robinson Keeping your data safe is essential since there are many situations in which things can go wrong and important data can be unwittingly deleted. Although there are many different data backup solutions available out there, disk image software provides one of the most thorough and effective ways of backing up data. Active@ Disk Image is one of the leading solutions for disk image software and it makes an exact and complete copy of almost any kind of media such as a hard disk drive, flash drive or optical media. The disk image is then stored in a folder on your chosen target media and you can use this for reliably duplicating the entire contents of the disk. No longer do you have to worry about losing data in the event of a computer failure. Active@ Disk Image is a versatile and user-friendly tool providing you with two different methods of creating disk images and safely backing up your data. The backup disk image method is used for backing up the entire contents of a computer or any other kind of media.

copy partition disk image software The Various Ways Of Setting Up A Simplistic And Secure Offsite Back Up Posted By: Dirik Hameed If you need to be able to recover data within a short period of time then you should implement an online backup plan. There are a large number of professional backup services companies who can provide offsite backup for both residential and business needs. For a monthly, quarterly or yearly fee you can obtain professional backup with technical support for data such as music, movies, photos and personal documents. Businesses can make use of secure backup by using offsite backup companies who provide data encryption requiring a password for access. With an internet connection and the password you can access the data whenever you require it. Professional backup services range in the amount of backup space provided. The cost for an offsite backup plan will increase with an increase in the amount of specified space it has. A backup plan has four primary stages. You need to determine the specific data to be backed up. Not all your data will need backing up, so choosing to do so is a waste of money as well as very time-consuming. The next step is to decide how you are going to back up data.

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data center texas Posted By: aniston SQL Server is used in very large working environment to store large databases in .mdf files. The data stored in SQL components like tables, stored procedures, triggers, and many more are highly useful so to keep the copy of that original data SQL.bak file is created, which is storage house of original SQL data. BAK files are also known for creating troubles when some outside element disturb smooth functioning and SQL users get unknown error message, which SysTools SQL Backup Recovery Software has made easy to resolve. All of a sudden Error Appeared while Using.bak File: The Microsoft Tape Format (MTF) soft filemark database on backup device ‘devicename’ cannot be read, inhibiting random access.

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