Domestic Porsche SR9 to sell 120 thousand, there are many Thai artillery fire hit – Sohu 捷安特xtc750

Homebred Porsche SR9 to sell 120 thousand, Zotye how many fire auto – Sohu if any car prices brought to the national car dream, it is my Thai people. Prior to the domestic Audi Q3, said the SR7 has hot listed hot sales, and now to a Thai version of the Porsche. Thailand’s new SUV SR9 has been a public appearance, the biggest feature of the new car is the appearance of the interior imitate the Porsche Macan, such a model and let people began to cheer. Now the domestic media reports: Zotye SR9 in October 26th is today officially announced the sale price, the new car will offer 9 models for consumers to choose, or the price is 120 thousand yuan, and may even be lower. The Thai version of "Macan SR9" length and breadth were 47441929 1647mm, the wheelbase is 2850mm, the wheelbase has reached the medium size of the SUV, the overall shape of the movement, grille with mouth style headlights shape domineering personality. The rear of the sleek new car design, the overall style similar to the Porsche Macan. The interior, Zotye SR9 console as a whole with the plastic and leather coating process, a modified double stitching stitching, to enhance the sense of quality a lot. The new car is equipped with a leather wrapped three spoke multifunction steering wheel, the console is equipped with a 9 inch LCD screen control. Power, the Thai SR9 equipped with 2.0T turbocharged engine, the maximum output power of 190 horsepower 5500rpm, peak torque of 250 cattle · m 2400-4800rpm. It is a 6 speed dual clutch or a 5 speed manual gearbox. But the current car city rating specifically to the surrounding neighborhood, Zotye 4S shop, many shops there is no car, may tour in various regions, and even a show car, only Xiewan Yuanguan Yan, estimates have to wait some time test. The car is currently in the appearance of the interior is more pleasing, what can be listed after the hot sales, is still unknown, the first static, such as today’s pre-sale price! Car city special comments: new car consulting, used car shopping guide, car knowledge consulting, online interaction within 24 hours of communication, public concern about the number of WeChat car city special comment more exciting content in which.相关的主题文章: