Bank of China Guangxi branch held e line 1118 fans carnival helmet怎么读

Guangxi branch of ICBC financial e held 1118 fans Carnival bank opened the door office of the fan meeting, online and offline Master users to become "red net draft selection", fans together filming reality show…… Only a short while ago, Tmall double eleven and 618 Jingdong, "Festival" seems to be the Internet circle business patent, but now, the bank also run from the fan Festival, breaking the traditional stereotype of high cold, up and user interaction. The evening of November 18th, ICBC Guangxi branch in Guangxi Nanning Wanda Plaza green held an open up a fresh outlook fans carnival, more than 100 fans, ICBC well-known local media, broadcast network to participate in the activities of the red circle invited audience reached more than and 300 people. Guangxi branch of the Bank of North Xu Xu, vice governor attended the launching ceremony for the goddess of wisdom award. According to reports, ICBC financial e brand is composed of personal online banking, mobile phone bank and ICBC E payment, the customer business open, open, open platform, to provide financial products and services ICBC and ICBC customers, is a comprehensive financial service platform, open. Holders of other bank cards can also be purchased through the e bank customers to buy Industrial and Commercial Bank of China to provide financial products, industrial and Commercial Bank of China to enjoy good service. It is reported that the number of customers in Guangxi branch of the bank e more than 6 million households, more than 1 million new customers per year, more than 2 million monthly active customers, new customers and active customers grow rapidly. 11.18 fan Festival is a celebration of the Bank of China Guangxi branch customer feedback, held in November 18th each year. This year’s Festival fans, in order to strengthen ties with customers between ICBC ICBC, organized the "flying dream Zhi Hui? Goddess" Master show award, will popular draft activities and mobile financial services combination screening set beauty and wisdom in a goddess of wisdom, icbc net red is built by the goddess of wisdom image, explore new ways to communicate with customers, to provide better and more comprehensive financial services for clients. In order to allow fans to continue to carry out Carnival activities, ICBC e line, melt e joint, melting e purchase three platforms while helping fans section, launched a series of online and offline benefits activities. E line to the wisdom of the theme of the introduction of online games, APP benefits living discounts, two-dimensional code merchants 1 yuan purchase activities. Melt e together with the wisdom of the theme of the introduction of arena contest, opinion collection, information exchange highlights. Melt e buy wisdom wisdom theme launched installment, goddess of the same paragraph, merchandise display activities, Pratt & Whitney fans. Green Wanda Plaza on the night of bursting with popularity, 7 "Zhi Hui goddess?" to the scene, the goddess show, elephant dance, big change colorful; scan code one yuan purchase, full scan code minus the preferential commodity interest for ceremony, a superb collection of beautiful things, treasure for fans to take you to the wall, the goddess of the bargain the merchant, interactive fans, polite expression, quiz contest and other activities on the webcast hosted more full of wit and humour, and red pepper network broadcast, today’s headlines network reporter live video interactive, audience participation enthusiasm, the stage under the cheers continued. It is understood that the industrial and Commercial Bank of China in the country 3.相关的主题文章: