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The traditional opera online wishing to raise 600 thousand performers to respect as the quintessence of seeking attention – Beijing Beijing in November 30 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Song Yusheng) November 8th, a Peking Opera Peking Opera the Shia niche, Beijing Peking Opera Peking Opera Troupe Colonel Li Hongtu Mei Lanfang standing in the chips on the line project in the net. In December 26th, he and his team to raise 600 thousand yuan. 20 days later, the public to raise the project has raised more than 320 thousand yuan. In January 2017, eight of the opera masters will join Guo Degang traditional opera performances in Beijing Exhibition Theatre "Phoenix". For already more than and 50 years old, every morning to get up on time. Li Hongtu, to raise the public is really a new thing. He told the new network (WeChat public number: cns2012) reporter, he had never had contact with all the chips, but know that this is a new way for young people. The reason to participate in this project, Li Hongtu’s opera "declare in no uncertain terms, seeking attention". In fact, Li Hongtu’s opera troupes is not the lack of performance opportunities, he said, "as a Peking Opera actor on television, there are also a lot of opportunities". But he also admitted that the current lack of "Peking Opera indeed packaging, publicity and promotion", "a bit of neither dead nor alive". In his view, the most able to reflect the decline of Peking Opera is that most young people are no longer concerned about Beijing opera. Recently, Guo Degang founded the "kylin drama" three Qing Yuan suspension performances have been some of the media that can be seen at present difficult market to Peking opera. Even Guo Degang also told the media that "not pointing to the opera to make money". All the chips to raise the Peking opera. Responsible for the public to raise the project performance of Li Yang was born in 1988. His personal experience is just enough to prove the worry. He even felt that his generation is not only not concerned about Beijing opera. After 70, 80, in fact, the traditional culture, especially the art of opera is very resistant." He said. His analysis "may be due to the small, our generation has not been led by the positive". "I also have a positive direction, the parents will take to go to the theatre, know their situation, there are such blood. But more and more young people from no one took him to contact the traditional culture, may be on TV to occasionally broadcast drama channel up to a minute, not ending in taiwan." Therefore, Li Yang hopes that the market, business and the attention of young people can bring new vitality to the art. "The popularity of the opera must start with the young people." "There are some opera professionals into the school to teach children how to appreciate Peking Opera, and even teach them to sing, teach them to body movements and so on, have a positive culture for them, is actually interested in a lot of children." The younger generation began to touch the traditional opera, which let Li Yang have the confidence to try Peking opera market operation. "More and more people have come to appreciate the art, and they will be able to enjoy it." It is based on the audience’s understanding of Beijing opera, Li Yang believes that the Beijing Opera + public chips can be successful. At the same time, he told相关的主题文章: