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The full moon to the Nanjing Yangtze River Delta typhoon "NIUSHOUSHAN Yanlan" wonders of the holidays – Beijing, Beijing, September 15 Nanjing Xinhua (reporter Shen ran) 15, is a traditional Festival Mid Autumn Festival, is also the most popular folk "Moon Festival in the 15th day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar". However, in East China due to typhoon "Meranti" influence, heavy rain, local to the moon. The Mid Autumn Festival on the same day, Nanjing NIUSHOUSHAN Garbhadhatu palace in ancient traditional instruments and singing, interpretation of the Millennium ancient Buddhist Chanting preserved. Shen ran photo the pleasant surprise is the famous scenic spot in Nanjing NIUSHOUSHAN is due to continuous rain, like the scene in "forty-eight Jinling NIUSHOUSHAN Yanlan, guests can make the holiday to visit a feast. In addition, the Buddhist holy places, NIUSHOUSHAN Garbhadhatu palace, will celebrate the Millennium Buddhist music, prayers to the reunion. This year the mid autumn night, because of the typhoon, the full moon is difficult now, but the NIUSHOUSHAN is therefore one of the now forty-eight Jinling king "cattle first take" wonders of the world. Shen ran photo on the 15 day is the first day of the Mid Autumn Festival "holiday", despite the bad weather, as a tourist city, Nanjing City, around the scenic area has been gradually usher in overseas tourists and holiday crowd. Last year the newly opened Nanjing NIUSHOUSHAN Garbhadhatu palace for the Buddhist holy places, comfortable and beautiful environment, a lot of tourists on autumn selection. The same day, the Buddha palace to meet the tourists, specially prepared a solemn joy of Buddhist performances, bless the mid autumn festival. Among them, by many Buddha Temple master monk, with a variety of traditional instruments and complete interpretation of the ancient style, Liangdi emperor of the Southern Dynasties period of Buddhist Chanting "Yang Zhijing water praise" and the Tang Dynasty chanting music "Fobao praise". "Nanjing ancient Buddhism that built the city more than a thousand years of Buddhist culture. Especially a group of Buddhist Chanting music, because the major city temple master word of mouth, had not cut off, survived for thousands of years, has been completely." The Buddha Temple of dawn master told reporters, chanting music can be said to get better protection and relatively complete inheritance in Nanjing, until today, still retains the words sound teaching "tradition, yet music recorded music. The mist shrouded, so NIUSHOUSHAN like a fairyland. Shen ran photo NIUSHOUSHAN according to the relevant person in charge of He Ming, during the Mid Autumn Festival, in addition the NIUSHOUSHAN can hear the Millennium Buddhist music, also has another surprise. "Although the Mid Autumn Festival this year because of the typhoon couldn’t see the moon, but so you can enjoy the most famous one of the forty-eight scenes in Nanjing NIUSHOUSHAN yanlan. Because the water is abundant, in recent days the NIUSHOUSHAN on haze diffuse, like fairyland, is very rare to watch every night." It is reported that the Buddha enshrined in the top palace of the Buddha’s relics, in this year’s National Day golden week once again open day. (end)相关的主题文章: