The August champion fund’s largest real estate stocks rose more than 12%- net fund channel 海思k3v2

The August champion fund’s largest real estate stocks rose more than 12%- net fund channel reporter Zhu Xianjia editor Yu Yong a Hengda incoming Bao Wan contest, led to the real estate sector overall hot market. Correspondingly, in August actively managed fund performance before the three largest real estate stocks were all bets. In the face of booming real estate market, some public fund said, in spite of the asset shortage under the background of the real estate boom this year is different from previous logic, but once the price is too large or exacerbate all kinds of regulatory policy rhythm, money will have to evacuate; next quarter plate on the layout of the high price, one is the choice of valuation the advantage of the high cycle plate, one is selected to benefit the supply side reform of the industry benchmark. Beware of real estate real estate stocks in August but heavily loaded funds have earned pours. This month, Vanke led the entire real estate sector has become a hot market, individual real estate stocks in a month to achieve double the market, 5 stocks rose more than 40%. This boom is directly related to the performance of the fund. According to the Oriental Wealth Choice data, since August, the largest real estate stocks fund performance is particularly prominent. In the active management of funds, since August, the largest increase in net earnings were selected, Wan Jiarui Xing, Wan Yi Li, net growth of 12.34%, respectively, 10.67%. According to the two quarterly report, the proportion of the fund’s investment in real estate stocks accounted for the proportion of the fund’s net worth of between the 18.2% to 28.5%. The two quarter fund’s 6 funds are overweight real estate fund performance, the recent sharp reversal. However, in the face of booming market, the property market regulation policy from first-tier cities to second tier city 174, part of the real estate market began to appear signs of cooling. In addition, a number of departments have issued financial policies, from financing, take credit for the property market, three drop xuhuo. See the property market booming, vanguard fund investment research department director Mo Haibo also began to remind investors of the stock valuation risk, the future admitted to the concrete analysis of the underlying stocks, there is still room or smaller can continue to hold. But for the valuation of real estate stocks, many market participants believe that this wave of fierce market performance, the future of the real estate sector or into the consolidation phase. Shanghai, a large fund companies fund manager pointed out that in the purchase limit credit policy, the real estate sector of the stock market is not optimistic about the future of high economic cycle and the main opening to the supply side reform industry benchmark. The opening of the two line recently, "health Chinese blueprint" and supporting the planning were introduced, the demonstration effect mechanism is very optimistic about the medical industry in the supply side in the reform. In the field of medicine in recent years, the introduction of a high – level policy to support the ‘Healthy China blueprint’ and ‘Healthy China planning’, which means that the pharmaceutical industry has begun to supply side reforms. The next two to three years, the pharmaceutical industry is strong and strong pattern, the backward enterprises will be eliminated, the positive norms of listed companies. The second half of the pharmaceutical industry will have greater opportunities." A large private equity Zhengbao reporter admitted. From the pace of fund research can also be seen on the pharmaceutical sector medical institutions.相关的主题文章: