Chinese people’s court sentenced the Chinese people to attack the Chinese ethnic groups said the rol 法拉利599gto

A method for the Chinese race attacks the Chinese new net parade called up – in Chinese overseas network on 29 September, according to the French "European Times" reported that in September 28th, the French media attention Paris Beijiao cases together with the benchmark significance. Paris Beijiao Bobinie (Bobigny) a court on Tuesday (27 days) robbery sentenced three Chinese families from 12 to 18 months of real criminal punishment, charges involving "racist attacks", caused by the French society especially the attention of overseas Chinese in france. According to Agence France-Presse, the court, in March this year, three 22 year old to 23 year old criminals in the Paris suburb of Senna Saint Denis (93) Deranci (Drancy) in a restaurant in the underground parking lot of a Chinese family attacked. Think looting Chinese is very common? The three criminals in the court did not deny the crime according to the characteristics of Chinese ethnic groups, but also that the robbery is a very common thing, that is not considered a racial attack. They say they are not the only ones out Chinese robbery in obayer Herve Leigh E (Aubervilliers) "this kind of thing is very common". The three men, aged between the ages of 18 and 23, were charged with attacking a Chinese family in an underground parking garage in Deranci’s restaurant at around 22 p.m. on March 26th. According to the court statement, the three defendants in the face of the four children, beating up to three adult victims. The three defendants also suspected in the early time of another robbery activities, place also in Paris Beijiao Senna Saint Denis, but due to lack of evidence from the prosecution. In this case, the Court pointed out that the victims of the case of Chinese ethnic characteristics, but did not specify the ethnic characteristics of the suspect. Prosecutors accused the three defendants in accordance with the so-called Chinese money and other racial prejudice to select the victims, with a clear nature of racial attacks. The judge accepted the prosecutor’s point of view. The decision of the case also makes the fact that the Chinese people in France suffered selective attacks for the first time confirmed by the court. "Iceberg" to "melt" according to the report, the three defendants in the crime case is not Chinese, but each plot is almost exactly the same crime. The victim every three people choose are almost all from Herve Leigh E’s "Chinese obayer face" businessman. The victim was first tracked, then beaten and robbed. In this case occurred in April this year the criminal was convicted of robbery in obayer Herve Leigh E cited chinese. In June, they commit crimes again. Prosecutors believe that the three serious cases of crime, requiring the court sentenced to three months to three years in prison for 30. According to the court, three defendants were convicted, one of whom was sentenced to imprisonment for 18 months, the two were sentenced to 12 months in prison. The court found that the robbery was racist and the plot was serious. This decision, the ethnic Chinese in France are frequently racist attacks without due attention to the tip of the iceberg melts, the Chinese ethnic groups see justice. The victory of Chinese Anti violence demonstrations.相关的主题文章: