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Vinegar egg calcium?   careful cardiovascular disease — food channel — original title: vinegar egg calcium? The best time to supplement cardiovascular disease care is 1 hour before and after the meal, most avoid fasting; moderate weight-bearing exercise can increase bone mass, improve bone quality of eggs soaked in vinegar, after the shell melts, drink vinegar can eat egg calcium? On the contrary, the egg vinegar contains a lot of calcium acetate, calcium acetate after ingestion will be quickly absorbed into the blood, the blood calcium content increased rapidly, causing the body’s own adjustment reaction decreases rapidly. Calcium fluctuated, but easily lead to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease. Experts advise, supplement calcium preparations, we should pay attention to follow the compound, high absorption, zero precipitation, slow release four principles. At the same time, the best time is 1 hours before bedtime, calcium meal, most avoid fasting. Light diet is not only eat vegetables, congenital in the kidney, acquired in the spleen and stomach." On the same day, the hospital director, National Disease Center for integrative medicine at the Southern Medical University director Professor Wen Xiaomin gave "a way of keeping good health, protecting the spleen is the key to the lecture. He believes that the maintenance of the spleen and stomach is essential to health. He explained that the modern way of life, there are a lot of hurt the stomach habit, the spleen and stomach injuries are: overeating, unrestrained; pleases food Feigan thick greasy; emotional instability, anxiety anxiety; lack of exercise. Therefore, the protection of the spleen and stomach from the diet, sports, etc.. In the diet, must comply with the following six principles: meals, sometimes light diet, seasonal tonic, food should be cooked soft, cold and warm, clean food should be properly. "Of course, we say the diet should be light, not only eat vegetables." Wen Xiaomin said that the diet of chicken, lean meat and other protein intake is essential, but in the way of cooking should pay attention to less oil and salt. In the season of Jinbu, he believes that the winter tonic, should be changed to American ginseng dangshen, women in the menstrual period, may be appropriate to eat some gelatin. In sports, the combination of static and dynamic people should think Xiaomin, according to local conditions, and in different seasons, rest and movement must change. In the spring, should get up early, if the body sweat, keep dry, early spring morning in the sun when appropriate, it is premature to quickly reduce clothing, to prevent catching cold. In summer, we should get up early, replenish moisture; exercise should be appropriate, leave enough time and rest; don’t get angry; don’t be too Tanliang cold drink. Autumn, should go to bed early evening, the weather is getting cold, exercise pay attention to add clothes; drink boiling water, eat fresh fruits, vegetables and other soft food after exercise. In winter, we should go to bed early evening, cold, fog, for outdoor sports; in outdoor exercise, pay attention to antifreeze. In the choice of sports, running, walking, swimming is suitable for most people’s movement. According to the latest research, singing is good for our health." Gastrointestinal disease is to eat out of the "disease of digestive tract is to eat out, do you believe?" hospital and photodynamic therapy center for integrative medicine at the Southern Medical University (PDT) director, chief physician Li Libo made the prevention and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, he said, a lot of cancer is to eat out)相关的主题文章: