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The rain falls Chinese Juyuan of the flowers in the world – Sohu tourism rain dew, chrysanthemum Mo Yan. Those flowers in autumn opening, Chinese met love Wei Juyuan narathiwat. "Hate Xiao Xiao, relentless wind and rain, rub the loss of Joan muscle. The breeze, energy-saving, reducing double fermented wine yeast." "No preference chrysanthemum flowers, the flowers do not flower." Chinese Juyuan is a song of theme of culture, leisure and health as the foundation, relying on the profound unseal chrysanthemum culture, built the world’s first large chrysanthemum characteristics of eco tourism scenic area. As the city’s first centralized, large-scale high-tech industrial park Chinese chrysanthemum Juyuan, containing unseal chrysanthemum planting base, research base, ornamental base, deep processing base and chrysanthemum culture. In October 2013 Chinese Juyuan 7995 square meters of "beautiful Kaifeng" chrysanthemum flowers blanket, created a Guinness world record. Chrysanthemum Park planted more than 620 acres, 250 acres of ornamental flowers, 250 acres of medicinal Chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum tea 50 acres, 20 acres and other fine chrysanthemum chrysanthemum 20 acres, 20 acres of seedlings. Chinese Juyuan planting spring Jianshan, China strong, Wansheng, Quan Xiang Bianliang late red, radiant glow, if loose, light, Jade Spring sieboldii were collected, brilliant purples and reds, finishing nearly 2000 varieties of chrysanthemum cultivars. The planting of other chrysanthemum is 30 meters long, 2.8 meters long vases and lions, elephants, peacocks, style, chrysanthemum ball etc.. Chinese Juyuan on October 15, 2016 grand opening. At the same time, it is also the thirty-fourth largest Chrysanthemum Exhibition in china. Chinese Juyuan combines chrysanthemum culture and song culture, ecological tour, family fun, chrysanthemum chrysanthemum Bay Park launched Bao Yingbin, mount Tao Yuanming portable basket Aiju area, the reappearance statue of a busy Tokyo City, China song bird "bird dance show global gold flower", physical fitness exercises, the largest rural field archery animal interactive fun Park, the Yellow River people farming experience, children’s amusement park + inflatable castle park, national delicacy snacks children gamboling exhibition, the 2016 song Juxiu lights Carnival area and project. With the continuous extension of the chrysanthemum industry, the size of the chrysanthemum industry continues to grow. China Juyuan extends the deep processing of scientific development of chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum pillow, Chrysanthemum Tea, chrysanthemum chrysanthemum chrysanthemum essential oil, crafts, cakes and other products. Chrysanthemum Tea is one of China’s top ten scattered wind heat, liver eyesight. Chinese Juyuan produced from emperor Huang Ju, Royal fragrant chrysanthemum, unique tea to entertain tourists in the past. Chinese Juyuan square delicacy snacks variety, taste different. The delicacy shop, dressed in costumes of the Song Dynasty countryside male, female bartender, carrying every kind of the delicacy shuttling among the guests, shouting and singing some recipes. The dew wet Chou full pond shore, the origin of Xian Wasong high." "From the Tao to review the chapter, through the high wind said today." The donkey ass, all funny girl, a female 90 Sen Department of history. Sohu, Lotour tourism tourism gold author columnist, Master, big ass mother travel tuniu game player. Completely not on the trip to the people, nor is the typical history enthusiasts. EEY!相关的主题文章: