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Zhejiang Anji opened the first domestic postal routes – UAV Beijing Anji opened the first domestic postal routes of uav. Hanggai town government photo Beijing September 19 Huzhou Xinhua (reporter Li Tingting) 19, the UAV "Jie Yan" a plane carrying more than a dozen newspapers and a postal parcel off slowly from the Zhejiang province Anji County Hanggai town government compound. 15 minutes later, these items will be sent to the village of the town of seven tubes in the hands of the villagers. It is reported that this is Chinese post in the opening of the first UAV route. Anji is located in the northwest of Zhejiang Province, within the jurisdiction of 8 towns, 3 townships, the streets of the 187, the administrative villages, covering an area of 1886 square kilometers, and mostly mountainous. At present, there are 169 administrative villages, 39 communities to achieve through the mail car. "Anji is the administrative villages delivery point wide distribution delivery point arrival station part of the distance, and a single point of freight volume, long distance transportation vehicle is not fully loaded, easy to form a waste of resources, high cost." According to the market management department director Chen Kangliang introduced Anji County postal company, to better meet the needs of transportation parcel postal system in rural areas, to further improve the operation efficiency of distribution of rural electricity supplier network, reached a strategic cooperation between Anji post and Hangzhou Xun Yi network technology Co. Ltd., the use of unmanned aircraft design and control technology of intelligent technology for fast ant. To launch the "Jie Yan" station of UAV logistics system. It is reported that the lift through the realization of intelligent logistics and unmanned, will greatly enhance the overall efficiency of logistics work, reduce operating costs, effectively solve the difficult problem of distribution in the mountains. 15 minutes later, when the UAV "Czech goose" in the seven village basketball land, village postman Chen Yong took out a newspaper and parcel from the cabin, and the first time to the hands of the villagers. Chen Yong said, there are 17 kilometers from Hangzhou Road to seven Guan Cun Gai town government, so at least half an hour. "Now the UAV 15 minutes is enough, and every day according to the actual needs of indefinite delivery, really fast and convenient!" According to reports, the "wild goose" unmanned aerial vehicle logistics system includes intelligent logistics UAV, automatic landing platform, cloud management platform and a few parts of the user APP. As long as the staff through the Web side or the mobile terminal APP, you can get real-time logistics information from the cloud server, to understand the location of the UAV, including the operation of the state, package processing information, logistics statistics, etc.. According to the general manager of Anji postal company Zhang Lifeng introduction, at present, Anji has launched seven to Hang Hang Gai Town Village village, the town to the village of Dong Ling; Shang Shu Xiang; Tianhuangping town to Daxi village 3 UAV routes, 3 months after the trial operation, will be based on the actual situation, to consider further promotion. (end)相关的主题文章: