With the new task of security law Andouble instructed the Japanese self defense forces to step up pr fifa14下载

Andouble, Japan’s self defense forces to strengthen the preparation of the new task of the Japanese self defense forces to prepare information figure: local time on August 25th, the Japanese city of Gotemba East Fuji exercise ground, the Japanese ground self defense forces held an annual comprehensive fire drill Fuji. Figure for the Japanese self defense team airlanded demo. Data figure in new network on 24 October, according to Japanese media reports, Japan’s prime minister Abe Shinzo this month 23 days in the defense field training team (in the glow of dawn, Saitama) attended the parade and lecture, based on the instructions for security related laws "to the rescue guard" and "camp common defense" new to prepare the task. Andouble said: "I hope you as the patron saint of peace, to create sophisticated strong self-defense." According to reports, the Japanese defense minister Inada Tomomi visited Iwate in the county, visited Sultan in November will be sent to the south to participate in UN peacekeeping operations (PKO) of the GSDF troops of the new task of training, and certainly have arranged in good order. "". The Japanese government intends to be the fastest in mid November at the cabinet meeting decided to amend the PKO implementation plan, adding new tasks in the content of the event. In the face of the media, the paddy field revealed the idea of combining the local security situation with the overall judgment of the government. Andouble said the new task is to stick to the precious peace and handed over to the next generation of tasks, and expressed the hope that the future will be able to hold high the banner of active pacifism, active in the international arena". Abe mentioned North Korea’s nuclear test and the launch of ballistic missiles, pointed out that the security environment around China has undergone drastic changes, emphasizing the importance of strengthening the Japan us alliance. It is reported that in the paddy fields of the Japanese army Ziyan in military exercise field (Iwate county is located in the city and eight city level TAKISAWA hatabu) inspected the new task training next month will be sent to the south of Sultan to the land since the ninth division fifth general company of the eleventh batch of troops. Rice said: "the lecture has been identified to the rescue guard a series of circumstances of various actions have arranged in good order."相关的主题文章: