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"Goodbye" I expect Jia Ling lose weight thin Lu Yu Jia Ling Phoenix Entertainment News (written / star) in September 29th, a new health fitness class network "goodbye" in meat in Beijing Chaoyang Park held a meeting on the experiential media. Show eight star Ma Dong, Jacky Wu Jia Ling, meat, king, Kong Lianshun, Fang Jiayi, Britney Spears, natto and host Xie Nan full debut. On site meeting, Vivian Britney Spears said, failed to lose weight for Ma Dongsheng and Jia Ling to the children, their punishment is raised in Ma Dong and Britney Spears’s "children"…… Lose weight too "tragic" Jacky Wu every time want to quit after witnessing the scene to stick autumn fat Ma Dong game, team members were covered with eyes, hands pillow as a weapon to attack against Jacky Wu’s shotgun hand toys "autumn fat". Usually only in the hands of Ma Dong uncharacteristically brave invincible, simply a weight iron man. After the game trailers show open, playing basketball, dancing, eating diet and lose weight more than the meat, the stars cruelly toss, the program group "game set to be brutal and inhuman" participation of guests complain again and again. After witnessing the scene, we have complained". Jacky Wu said that since the program recorded every moment want to quit, the video was accidentally injured, is simply a nose tear. As the boss of Ma Dong for "goodbye" and "meat", incapable of action group director, he joked: "I in this program is the artist, I don’t know all the links. I was so sorry that they signed me up for 6 months before they started!" Britney Spears Tucao: "the most unbearable is not recorded, but no seven Yan standing next to me to speak of value. I just finished working with Chen Xuedong and now I’m Ma Dong!" One side of Jacky Wu also refused to yield, laughing girl into a side from Lin Chiling Jia Ling! Ma Dong Britney Spears Ma Dongsheng Jia Ling to punish their own children to lean into the Luyu Chen Conference final, meat stars collective open their weight, and set goals, but also "swear" – "if I did not reach the goal……" Punitive measures. Nadal said if not up to the goal of a vegetarian for half a year, and said that if Jacky Wu failed to lose weight, within half a year in the snack shop who met him by him to pay. Britney Spears said that if the scale is big, failed to lose weight is to give Ma Dongsheng children, even the name of the child and want a good — is called "flatterer". Other meat stars have said that this was "welfare", "full of dirt" Britney Spears retorted: "I love the handsome, is this punishment, you old. How do I know you don’t have it, healthy or not?" The media said, can not hear it! After Jia Ling joked: if I can not do it, I will punish their own big Ma Dong and Britney Spears’s son, brother, this thing I do, not a child!" Ma Dong hurriedly embarrassing whitewash: as long as the change in the father whatever!" In addition to raising children, Jia Ling is looking forward to cut into Luyu Chen, and laughing down to host such as "Lu Yu". Part of the group’s visit, Ma Dong said to lose weight is the desire of modern people, regardless of fat to lose weight. The purpose of the program itself is.相关的主题文章: