South Korea women’s broker push fans pictures will kill you (video) 步步高i606

South Korea women’s broker push fans: pictures will kill you Red Velet Tencent entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, South Korean female group Red Velet fans in May 2015 had uploaded a broker to fans push and abusive swearing film, caused a great disturbance, SM entertainment brokerage company apologized when immediately for the broker misconduct, more commitment similar incidents will not happen again. But on the 24 day, Red Velet’s agent was once again suspected of pushing fans, more police to investigate, triggering a hot Korean friends. Fans on the social networking site, said: Red Velet 24 days ago to record the program one week idol, the scene clearly no one in the photo, the broker has been shouting ‘do not take pictures! Otherwise, you will be killed, but also too much to push the ball." Accompanied by the police came to investigate the film. The fans broke the broker in the police investigation, was denied until the police say dumb, monitor access to the convenience store to apologize across. SM entertainment staff attitude towards fans has always been a dirty disease, the artist’s EXO and SHINee’s agent has also been reported to push fans news. The Red Velvet agent and then pass the violence, many Red Velet fans on the Internet message requires SM entertainment to replace the broker, said brokers such behavior is in the damage Red Velet image. Super professional! The storm still show women’s clothes are all wet the Korean dance I love!相关的主题文章: