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The German property market rose Chinese rare investors figure looming – Sohu financing has always been to smooth for Germany, real estate prices also rose rare, from the EU and China buyers become a major investor in Germany market, rising prices have been caused by the German government on Tax Alert Mechanism for foreign buyers. House prices seem to have swept the world, the Chinese people’s investment figures also appear in any corner of the world. Even Germany, which has always been smooth, is no exception. In developed countries all over the world, the real estate market stability and low prices almost only one german. As a key part of social welfare, the German government to encourage rent rather than buy a house, the real estate market has been stable for decades, known as the German model". But in recent years, prices in Germany showed an increasing trend in general, rents also rose significantly, according to the extranet data of overseas real estate investment platform, the two quarter of 2016, the German housing market rose ranked third in the world, an increase of 10.1%. From the EU and Chinese buyers become a major investor in Germany market, low prices are considered a safe haven, but the German government for speculation profits are strictly restricted and punitive measures, speculation does not significantly profit; investors pay more attention to the value or rental income. At present, rising prices have caused the German government vigilance. For example, the Berlin municipal government is paying close attention to the government of Vancouver to take on the implementation of the tax for foreign buyers, but also the idea of foreign buyers for the tax mechanism. Continue to heat up the German property market in the two quarter rose by 10%, the world’s total of third, the property market is curious: what happened here? After all, during the period 1977 to 2010, the average German house prices rose only 60%, of which in the years after the year of 2000, the average price of Germany rose by an annual rate of 2%, house prices rose only about $1%. Twenty-first Century economic report interviewed found that the stable situation of the German real estate was broken, since the beginning of the financial crisis in 2008, the pace of rising real estate prices in Germany began to accelerate. According to the German Statistics website statista released report, by 2013, the average price of large and medium cities in Germany compared to nearly doubled in 2007. In the western city of Dusseldorf, for example, in 2007 the average price per square meter of 1775 euros (about $15 thousand and 100), and in the fourth quarter of 2013 has risen to 3760 euros (about $32 thousand). In 2015, the Central Committee of the German real estate to a high, about sixty or seventy square meters of housing units as an example, the 7 city survey in 2015 1 to September with the same period of 2014 prices changes, results show that Stuttgart’s housing prices growth reached 18.8%, the highest, followed by Berlin (14.4%), Munich (12.9%), Cologne (12.5%) Frankfurt (11.7%), Hamburg (9.4%) and Dusseldorf (8.7%). Into 2016, the German house prices rose faster. According to the world’s largest Chinese overseas real estate platform extranet report, the 2 quarter of 2016,"相关的主题文章: