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Fawkes radio shows China’s show: is your watch stolen? (Figure) – International – People’s Republic of China, Fawkes, director of the television station in New York, interview with Chinese people in Chinatown. New York overseas Chinese News Network reported on October 7th, the United States Fawkes (Fox) television news channel political commentary program — "new facts" (The O Reilly Factor) on the evening of 3 broadcast a video interview in New York Chinatown street, during the 38 year old host Jesse Watters handheld microphone, has put forward the means of racial discrimination to issue more than chinese. The program to the evening of 5 triggered a condemnation from all walks of life in the United states. In the nearly five minute video, host OReilly (Bill O Reilly) in the studio broadcast his young partner Jesse Watters walked the streets of Chinatown, random interviews of different sex and age of Chinese residents. These problems include "you see people bow?" "These watches are very nice. Are they stolen?" "Is there anything that is not made in China?" Although the problem itself sounds harmless, but the host was intended to mock the interviewee’s accent and non English facts, even suggesting that these Chinese immigrants everywhere are outsiders, he represents the "we" is the master here. Each interview is accompanied by a highly discriminating old film. The 67 year old host, OReilly, even publicly acknowledged in the middle of the show – "I know we’re going to get the mail." The program aired two days later, including The Associated Press, CBS, CNN, New York magazine, as well as the Buzzfeed website, including a large number of English media have published articles condemning the program. Many elected officials in California and New York have also issued a statement condemning the show. New York Senator Shi Gejing (Daniel Squadron) on behalf of Chinatown, O’Reilly shows to interview candidates for Chinese Trump views were to hide, I represent the Manhattan Chinatown residents very irreverent interviews, which filled with racial prejudice, teasing, and contempt for the immigration undisguised. Trump campaign by blowing racist agitation and disrespect of immigrants has penetrated into the national debate, both in Chinatown, in New York, or in the Fawkes news network, are not acceptable. "As for the host Jesse Watters, I hope you don’t come back." City councilman Chen Qianwen also said in a statement, as a daughter of immigrants, I can feel a mock host do not understand English elders when heart how despicable. "Treat an Irish people in the same way and his press conference is aolaili? More than and 100 years ago, it was a resurgence of racism. And more than and 100 years ago, it was a large number of Chinese immigrants and Irish immigrants to build a railway through the americas." New York congressman Niu Yulin candidate sixty-fifth also issued a statement condemning the program and asked the television station to apologize. She said that this kind of blatant discrimination against Asians to eat相关的主题文章: