Lin Yun stands 169 How much shorter and stronger than Bing Bing 168 (video) mine_清翼

Lin Yun stands 169? How Bing Bing looks shorter than 168 stronger in September 1st, directed by Guo Jingming’s film "grand track" held a press conference, Fan Bingbing, Wu Yifan, Chen Xuedong, William Chan, Amber Kuo, Yan Yikuan, Wang Yuan, Lin Yun, Wang Duo and other actors are present. The bomb copper looked at Fan Bingbing and Amber Kuo’s sister or real happy, Wuli Bing Bing and Amber Kuo are still the Meicheng painting, or the weird little elf, cute. COSMO open Guo Jingming, grand track legend Amber Kuo, Lin Yun, Aarif Lee Bing Bing just get rid of all kinds of complicated modification of redundant, simple atmospheric modeling can easily face blood beauty. Bart…… When the spring elder sister to see Bing Bing and Lin Yun in the same box could not help but embarrassed, say the fresh flowers standing next to Bing Bing was always so what other points back in the face completely abound, let play the sister think before small fresh "street", have to say or to send a big block. Fan Bingbing in Alberta Ferretti Resort2017 Louis Vuitton, collocation of high-heeled shoes, Shuaixia donkey hoof, choose collocation skirt and heels of the same color, there is no beauty turned! Lin Yun in Temperley London Pre-Fall 2016, originally wanted to complain that skirt is not beautiful sister play see the model graph skirt or beauty, but allow a forest buyers show, no right arm embarrassment directly seemed to her broad shouldered, skirt exposed leg catch shoes, feeling unusually short legs. But two people this visually at least three cm height difference is the sister let play the most embarrassing. As a data party, carefully read the official given height, Fan Bingbing 168. Lin Yun preferred 169, not high heels difference of two people, the magic of this height difference and Lin Yun expansion of abnormal height, playing the sister can only say love can only be sensed.相关的主题文章: