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Yunnan acting mayor of Wenshan to Miao compatriots apology letter of apology speech – Sohu news the Miao compatriots and friends: October 26, 2016, the Wenshan municipal government held a meeting to listen to the "pocket Lang Miao culture ecological park to estimate project planning report, because my speech caused the majority of Miao minority compatriots and friends of the concern and discussion. Last night, the state investigation team released the investigation and verification of the situation is an objective reality, I am on the matter to the majority of Hmong compatriots caused by emotional injury expressed deep regret. After this happened, I really want to issues of concern to respond, but if there is no organization investigation, only personal version, we certainly cannot believe. The past few days, I actively cooperate with the investigation and reflection of everyone’s criticism and questioning, many memories of the meeting, although I did not insult the subjective discrimination Miao compatriots, but through deep introspection, their existence, for example, inappropriate language, inappropriate place word is not rigorous, objective cause of Miao compatriots emotion the hurt. In this regard, I feel deeply guilty, once again expressed sincere apology to the Hmong compatriots, please give understanding and tolerance. This is a very profound education. In future work, I will further deepen the understanding of grasping the importance of the ethnic work in the ethnic areas, seriously study the propaganda of national policy, the use of national policy for the people to make money; more strict demands on themselves, pay attention to the work method, cautious, to maintain the good situation of ethnic common solidarity and common prosperity and development. I sincerely hope that the broad masses of Miao people and the community will continue to be concerned about Wenshan and continue to supervise my work. Gong Qing on November 6, 2016 in Wenshan city acting mayor Comrade Gong Qing to investigate and verify the situation of the Miao compatriots speech informed thanks to the majority of users of the Wenshan national unity and progress of attention! We will always firmly oppose any words and deeds in violation of national policy, resolutely carry out the work of national unity, to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of all ethnic groups! The morning of October 26, 2016, the Wenshan Municipal People’s government held a "pocket Lang Miao culture ecological park to estimate project design briefing. After the meeting, the network appears to reflect the mayor of Wenshan acting mayor Gong Qing involved in the meeting of Hmong compatriots. Wenshan Committee of CPC, people’s government attaches great importance to the United Front Work Department, timely research establishment committee led the working group survey, people were appointed, the State Supervision Bureau. Working group on October 28th to 11, 4, to take individual conversations, access to the conference record and verify the relevant circumstances, the Relevant Remarks on the network to reflect the participation of all the comrades of the investigation and verification of the 21. Now will be notified as follows. First, the basic situation of meeting the morning of October 26, 2016, the Wenshan Municipal People’s government held a "pocket Lang Miao culture ecological park to estimate project design report, the meeting heard the project design unit of work report, is involved in the project site, water supply, roads, cultural theme, promote the time are discussed. Municipal People’s government, the Municipal People’s Political Consultative Conference and the municipal development and Reform Bureau, the letter business day相关的主题文章: