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I’m sorry. Go to Lhasa, because we are "sick" [lead] Tourism – Sohu this may be the most Chinese "story" travel public no.. Welcome to pay attention to the travel writer Liu Xiaoshun after 80 (Liu small Shun public number: lxslvxing), along with small Shun travel will continue to provide the most unique global travel story! Second seasons in the past tense – [11, sorry! Go to Lhasa, because we are sick"…… ] to Lhasa seem to be sort of mind, including vision, because she is not a long time before the parents understand, once suffering from depression, even thought she Dutch act, forced out of their own travel gradually ease the negative emotions. So, on the way to Tibet, I always feel unhappy, with the previous travel is not the same, there seems to be something heavy things have been pressing, breathless. Those who laugh Meixinmeifei, in Tibet’s journey in the light of heart from care, I basically did not hear. May be too much to Lhasa when the antidote? Only when the heart is sick, I want to go there. And I, is not it? In July 22, 2011, Shangri-La began to rain, but not too much, but we couldn’t go anywhere but stay in a hostel in the hall, the words are finished, they looked out of the window of the rain god, are preoccupied. Happy temporarily do not want to return to Beijing, she bought on the Internet from Kunming to Urumqi flights, to go there will be a friend. So, the Army decided to set out, ask my opinion, I am free. The army called the bus station and the bus station said there were no tickets. When will the army be able to pass? Bus station can not give the answer, but said two days over two days. But two days later, the bus station is still the same answer. The boss told us to go to the hotel magnate, Deqin County, the highway is not unreasonable, but the bus is not open, for the sake of safety, the car can be in the past, as long as we find people sharing a car on the line, but the car costs two times as much as the price of the bus. "Can’t walk?" I asked the army of the final decision, because when we eat in a restaurant, met two Australians, they are willing to go to Shangri-La with our car, and later King in the hostel helped us find three foreigners, they are also willing to go, so most sit seven bus was filled with people. The average cost to a minimum. As long as the time to finalize, ready to go. "When?" I asked. "Tomorrow morning." Army reply. "So fast?" I am in Shangri-La idle lazily for almost half a month, suddenly in such a defenseless situation decided to leave, like to talk about a placid love, you know is inevitable, can really let you cut the Gordian knot immediately separated, can not say that is what feeling, not do not give up, nor is the heartache…… Er…… Well, you never get tired of using the adjective "tangled". "No, we’ve been in Shangri-La for a long time. The king has booked us.相关的主题文章: