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6 indicators of Taiwan consumer confidence index in August the decline of all – Taiwan Economic Development Research Center Beijing China News Agency, Taipei in August 29, "Centre College" published on the 29 August consumer confidence index (CCI) was 79.56, last month dropped 0.62 points. Survey shows that the next six months, the family economic situation, the next six months, Taiwan’s economic boom and other six indicators declined. "Taiwan Center for economic development research Centre College" on the same day issued a press release, August "the next six months of stock investment opportunity index for 70.80 points, the previous month fell 2.30 points, the 6 indexes of the biggest decline. In addition, compared with July, the next six months to buy durable goods time index 88.95 points, down 0.55 points; "the future of Taiwan in the first half of the employment opportunities" index 110.40 points, down 0.40 points; "the future of the first half of Taiwan economic boom index 73.35 points, down 0.25 points;" the future of Taiwan in the first half of the price level "index 55.05 points the index fell 0.15 points; the future first half of the economic situation of the family" 78.80 points, down 0.10 points. According to reports, the consumer confidence index and the number of sub indicators between 100 and 200 are optimistic, in the range of 0 to 100 are biased pessimistic". The six indicators of the survey, only the next six months, the Taiwan employment opportunity index showed optimism bias, and the remaining five are biased pessimistic. The survey sponsored by the "Taiwan Center for Economic Development Research of Centre College and Taiwan Research Institute, Jinan survey data Research Center Management Institute of Taipei medical university. The survey period for the August 19th to 23, by telephone access, computer random sampling, interview 2416 people over the age of 20 in Taiwan, at the 95% confidence level of sampling error is plus or minus 2 percentage points. (end)相关的主题文章: