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Nine levels of financial freedom, you practice to paragraph? – Sohu financial community in recent years, many people are discussing this issue to financial freedom, but each person of financial freedom is not the same as the standard, we started from some of the most basic needs, from go Dan got a nine standard. Please refer to your own life, it accordingly! Exclusive analysis to financial and after The Freedom Trail, don’t miss! At the beginning of period: free farms are willing to buy what kind of food on which to buy vegetables in the market, choice of ingredients is the first step towards the quality of life. The two paragraph: the hotel is free to eat in the hotel, as long as they are willing to go to any hotel which hotel, the first consideration is the hotel dishes, decoration, services, rather than the price. The three paragraph: as long as they are willing to travel, where to go to travel. Malaysia Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan and Europe, will go to a new destination every year. Section four: car free market of major car brands and models in the financial scope, the car is not only a means of transport, but a part of their quality of life. The five paragraph: the freedom of the school for the next generation to provide quality public and private school education, whether it is to buy the school district room or pay high tuition fees, to ensure that their children receive a good education is the wish of every parent. The six section: the freedom to work as long as you like, you can choose this job or the job according to their own interests, choose to work or do not work, regardless of whether the work can make money, but more concerned about the work of the fun and sense of achievement. The seven paragraph: the freedom of medical treatment can withstand major diseases, especially the need for major surgery, or long-term use of imported drugs. The eight section: free house prices across the country once again driven today, the freedom to choose to live people, properly life winner. The nine paragraph: freedom of nationality through investment immigration and other channels, freedom of choice of nationality and lifestyle, no longer subject to the shackles of the border line. How many sections are you? Welcome to The Freedom Trail ~ how financial condemnation of "financial freedom" is a concept from the western financial investment, it is an ultimate goal of investment. It is almost impossible for a man to be Buffett, but it is possible to achieve financial freedom. First of all, it is the first step towards financial freedom to work without money. A lot of entrepreneurs, originally from the "do something interesting" start. Even if the professional investment Buffett is not directly directed to the money to go, his interest in the value discovery". It is because of Buffett’s interest in "find a good company, and buy", so he can read a few decades a day to repeat the boring figures and statements, and little attention to the stock price. Many of US investment is directed at the money to go, what business model and value analysis is not interested in, they are the focus of interest in the money, but the final result is more and more away from money. The second is to maintain the net income of property income from the property income can come from: rent, investment income, savings interest, etc.. An important concept of property income is net cash inflow. Some people may have a lot of property"相关的主题文章: