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Worry about baby anemia? This food must learn! – Sohu maternal and child to add meat to the baby mud, but the meat out of the mud is a little fat, baby do not eat it?" It was the most difficult problem that I worry about food, because the baby 8 months or so it is easy to iron age, if the animal liver, animal blood, meat of these iron foods the baby does not eat, very worried about the baby will be due to iron deficiency anemia. Until later, I study the practice of baby lunch meat to solve the baby does not love meat, this problem, because it is very good to do lunch meat noodles, chewing, taste is also very delicious. Luncheon meat formula recommended today, is full of mother repeatedly studied many times, summed up. Strive to use the least ingredients, make the most positive taste. This meat practice, don’t know before you tried not, mother love is strongly recommended, and recorded a small video to Amway, it makes sure the babies of meat changed the baby does not want yo ~ this iron deficiency, complementary practices must learn, learn this trick, do not have meat the problem ~ making small points of baby formula: 100g pork luncheon meat, egg white 30g, starch 20g, water 20g seasoning: over the age of the baby, the baby’s taste to decide whether salt or soy sauce cooking methods: steamed reference month: the degree of difficulty: more than 10 months without difficulty (in terms of mother summary the formula is very easy to success oh) Note: for the food allergy baby. Not to add egg white or egg allergy baby, 20 grams of water can be used to replace the total egg white, plus 40 grams of water ~ * * video practice suggestion to the end of the article, click the "read" to play the video, the version will be more clear yo ~ * * 1 for graphic approach ingredients: pork 100g, egg white 30g, starch 20g, water 20g. PS: I know a lot of children allergic to egg white, or is not added egg white. So, love mother this special intimate study two formula. If you do not add egg white, then use 20 grams of water to replace. The specific formula is: 100g, 20g, water starch meat stuffing 40g, made out of luncheon meat is also very soft. 2 wash the meat, cut into small pieces. PS: do the best choice of luncheon meat plum meat, if not buy the words can be used to replace the tenderloin, ideally with a little fat, because there will be oil in fat and lean after mixing, such as luncheon meat taste not firewood. 3 and then stir the meat into a delicate meat mud. PS: you can use a blender to stir, also can buy meat please help stall Jiaocheng meat stuffing, but to stir told the stall holders two times, up to a point just fine delicious. 4 look at my picture, the meat is very good mixing oh. PS: best not to use a knife, a knife to chop the meat stuffing is not fine, like dumplings, steamed meat for lunch so that lost its advantage. 5 to 100 grams of meat stuffing, water (.相关的主题文章: