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The president of Ukraine and the Kyrgyz Dave phone really embarrassing the president of Ukraine Poroshenko President Atambayev of Kyrgyzstan Reference News Network reported on November 5th French media said, Ukraine’s president Poroshenko this week and the one he thought is the president of Kyrgyzstan, Tamba Jef on the phone, and later found a completely different person. According to the Agence France-Presse reported on November 3rd, the 2 day, Poroshenko and Atambayev call message appears on the official website of the president of Ukraine. But all the news about this phone call Thursday have disappeared, because the conversation with Poroshenko people and not Atambayev, Kyrgyzstan’s first to Kiev broke the bad news. A representative of the Kyrgyzstan news department, 3, told reporters in an interview with reporters, said: "some people may have deceived the Ukraine leader." Reported that Atambayev’s office refused to speculate on what is the imitation of the president. However, the Russian media pointed out that this confusion may be a man named Alexei · for stolyarov love make practical joke in Moscow, he had made a similar incident. Embarrassing Ukraine accused the incident is a conspiracy to undermine, advance a Ukraine accused Russia of 2014 annexation of the Crimea resolution through the efforts of the United nations. Mariana, a spokesman for the foreign ministry in Ukraine, ·, said her office was investigating the planned provocation…… It is clear that these actions are intended to undermine the Ukraine initiative at the United Nations on Crimea". Russian officials have yet to comment on Ukraine’s embarrassment.相关的主题文章: